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I’m not excited about this but I’m sure cricket fans in the Toronto area are.

"securing further investors for this ambitious project."

....Google Translate says this means "hahahaha, good luck"

Could be the future home of the Argos if and only if it is ever built.


. “With this financing we can now move to the next phase of selecting a site and securing further investors for this ambitious project.?

which means they gathered about $5 million dollars and need the gov't to kick in for the rest of the $700 million project....

I got a good immigrant response to this but I don't even care anymore. Let them fail on their own. Welcome to Canada!

No, a cricket layout would be a worse fit than Rogers Centre with baseball. It would make it worse, if that's possible.

For some reason this reminds me of the time I got cold-called by someone who wanted me to invest in a ‘prime real-estate development in Florida’. :wink:

Cricket is played on an "OVAL" no other sport can be played on a cricket field except Aussie Rules. You can modify a soccer stadium or baseball stadium for football but a cricket oval is out of the question.
Cricket seems to be a fast growing sport in the GTA in fact I see a lot more people playing cricket than football, they could probably get more private financing for a cricket stadium than a football stadium. They say they have financing in place and Bob Mitchell is involved :roll:

I think the story was bogus - an embarassment for Global and the rest of the wire services that picked it up. It came from here

There is no market in Canada for a $700 million, 35,000 seat, domed, permanent stadium. There's barely a need for such stadiums for football/soccer despite there being clubs in very established and ongoing leagues in Canada.

For a major international event, perhaps there's an argument to be made for a temporary venue which could be scaled back to a more reasonable permanent 5,000 seater for all the amateur cricket in Canada. Maybe in 40 years we'll have some major domestic cricket league warranting something like this.. otherwise this is bogus.

Perhaps the financing was secured to make those renderings but I severely doubt any more than that was cobbled together.

You don't believe it do you? this is just a publicity stunt by this Pro-Cricket group.

This reminds me of Markham's hockey arena plans.
Clearly an effort to drum up votes.

Yes, just as cricket at Confederation Park in Hamilton where Braley wanted to see the new Hamilton stadium. A lot of new Canadians in S. Ontario, and there are a lot, come from a cricket background.

Cricket in play for former campground at Confederation Park

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the Taliban Cricket Club ????YIKES!!!! KABOOM !!!!!

I'd like to see the Taliban play games agains't ISIS, Al Qaeda and Hamas. Those would be interesting games with plenty of fireworks. :o

YIKES!!!!talk about the Big Four,this could be the Cricket World version of it.The Middle East Division,plenty of fireworks for sure!!!! :twisted:

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