Crested Jerseys

Every other team in the CFL sell crested replica jerseys, that is jerseys that have the numbers and names sewn on in multi layer tackle twill as opposed to the iron on "rubber" type of number found on the replicas in stores here.

We used to be able to buy these at a higher cost at the stadium, but now it appears that the only ones sold are the cheaper versions.

With the new black jerseys, and the new numbers on the red home jerseys I know that lots of fans would love to buy a better quality Als jersey..

Anyone know where to get one?

I had trouble finidng one too. My girlfriend bought me one, that she found in believe it or not, Hamilton.

I thought the Als had a boutique? Does that still exist?

Im not sure if the ones I saw were they ones you are refering to but they sure wherent cheap.
How about

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Why not wait until the Als Locker Room visit in December & get an original game-worn.

In example, you buy a jersey (129$), buy the numbers/crests & have it stitch (50$ approx) + taxes, you will be in the 200$ range.

I got Perrett #54 & Boulay #22 for 200$ each last year.

Cahoon black jersey (red & white jerseys were not available) went for 350$ IIRC.

It is a "silent auction", but each year I got out with the jerseys I just have to talk to the other buyer & convinced them.