Creehan to Winnipeg

Latest rumor in Winnipeg is Casey is coming home

Take him. Please take him

Daly for DC!

Worst news of the day is finding out that Winnipeg will hire on Tim Burke as their HC. We could have had him. As a defensive specialist he would not have let this defense perform the way it did.

Winnipeg has the 2nd worse defense in the league giving up 520 points with a game to go.

Hamilton gave up 576.

But, Winnipeg has the worst offense, so their D is always on the field

Winnipeg has scored 357 points with a game to go, while Hamilton has scored 538.

From the scatching post,

• the Bombers have decided to keep general manager Joe Mack and head coach Tim Burke another year. That will inevitably lead to speculation as to whether Ticat defensive coordinator Casey Creehan, who coached under Burke in Winnipeg, will rejoin him next season. Creehan is on a one-year deal with Hamilton that expires after this season.


Thanks for making me laugh! :thup:

(You and Carling)

I wonder what Paul LaPolice is doing?

Why don't we just merge for a year? You guys have no place to play, and we'll have at least one. By combining the teams we should be good enough to make the playoffs, especially since there will be only 3 teams in the East. What say you?

Go Blue Cats! Tiger-Bombers! uh...

I hate it when a Bomber fan begins to make sense. :smiley:

....start the "he'll come back to haunt us" posts :wink:

The team needs to speak with Riders' management and formulate an agreement to absolve Marshall's contract and appoint him as DC.

and it would not be very difficult to bring him in for at least an interview as the man resides in Burlington for goodness sake.

Points given up by HB by interceptions returned for TD's should not count against the defense.

If they want Creehan maybe they'll take Cortez as a two for one. We'll pick up Marshall for our head coach. :wink:

can i have the honours of driving him to the airport we can leave right know ill even by him a red eye flight ticket for a seat in the waste holding tank. So much promise of being energetic enthusiastic etc etc kinda reminds me of the days of printers sayin get ur popcorn and peanuts theres gonna be bombs over bagdad and what did he do NOTHING so g bye creehan and good riddance

This is awsome ! Goes from one Eastern Rival to another ! This league is so amazing in how shallow the talent is off the field.

A modest proposal re compensation for the Cats:

:D :D :D ;)

Oski Wee Wee,


Nothing would make me happier!!