Creehan to be D/C

According to the Spectator he will be named tomorrow (Tuesday)

Not my first choice! but either was it
the ticats.

Solid move.

No more projects, no more up and commers no more rookie coaches with new ideas.

Team needs experience and stability.

Kudos to Obie and Mitchell.

While Creehan may not be the best in the league, he was available, and has CFL experience. Creehan was not just the DC in Calgary, he was also an assistant coach. I'm not sure what went wrong in Calgary, he was orignally hired by Dunnigan, and retained when Higgins was hired, then let go in October.

Overall, I think this is a pretty good move.


All these guys have been fired by somebody before, even Obie has been fired quite a few times himself. This guy may be OK. :smiley:

This is worst Mistake He's a 3-4 Guy.
We don't have players to play a 34
I am Disappointed..

I hope they do Some kind meet a greet with coaches. Cause Have Question Of Mr Creehand.

You mean Greenhand. :stuck_out_tongue:

I've never coached football, but why can't a 3-4 guy become a 4-3 guy? When I coached hockey I designed systems around the players on my team. Perhaps Calgary had the players for a 3-4?

We don't have players for a 4-3, Tom...

:D :D :D

I'm not adverse to a 3-4 if the DC knows what he is doing (Stubler being the standard there). We have a possible 3-4 DL with McKay and Keith at the ends and Bekasiak as the horse on the nose. Wayne could rotate with JP...obviously there would have to be some change in how the front seven is recruited...but at least we'll have a DC who can call a play. LMAO :wink:

Oski New Year,

They did when he 1st got there
but after they where gone
He stuck to it .
When He did't have the players to run it
They Started to loose and Stayed with the 3-4
He was fired

It very hard to find The players to run a 3-4
You need 4 Great linebackers (right now we have 1 maybe 2 if Big Dog Resigns)

You need to good Inside Linebackers to stop the Run.
To Outside guys who can run side to side.

You need Dominate Noise Tackle Something we don't have.
We do have Good DE's
You also need CB who can Cover

a Hard Hitting FS

It will be interesting to see how they use Bekasiak this year, he didn't seem to fined a home on the Dline last year.

Disagree Completely

We where close to 4-3 Defence then a 34.
The 34 is Awful vs the Run.

Toronto had Issues stopping the run Since Stubler installed the 34.

I want 4 Down lineman and 3 Linebackers.
All we need is 1 more Linebackers and DT up front for a 4-3.

We need help in Backfield CB S DHB

A system is only as good as the athletes in it.

Give Obie and Rambo time to find some.

Just blaming failure on the system alone means for the Tiger-Cats, since about 2001, the 4-3 is the worst system ever conceived.

how can you say we have the players to use 4-3? we used it last year and we were the worst defense in the league, i think we are definitely in need of a change, and maybe 3-4 is it, maybe it isn't but it's worth a shot.

Well, Tom, if you're a 3-4 coordinator, you will stick to it. LOL It is up to the GM and scouting to provide players for that system, as it is with a 4-3 guy. I don't believe you completely revise your system in a reactive way, apart from injury situations...

Obviously a DC does have multiple fronts in his playbook, it's just that one base is favoured over another.

The Stamps fell into problems because White and Grace began breaking down and their speed deficiencies showed. You can compensate for one LB being noticeably slow (i.e. O'Shea in T.O.), but if your 3-4 has a couple of guys who aren't fast enough and don't run stop (like O' Shea does to compensate), well...caca ensues.

It is critical to get a rush LB that has the wheels to attack the passer. Obie can find guys like that in his sleep (okay, I'm slightly exaggerating LOL). A Cam Wake-prototype guy who the NFL types project as a LB can be readily converted to a DE here. A slightly undersized version of that -- under 240 lbs. -- can become that kind of pass-rushing LB like that if he has the wheels.

The issue for me is not scheme, but how ingenious the DC is at changing his approach in playcall series to series, giving the QB multiple looks to have to decipher and creating mismatches whenever his talent pool allows him to dictate the pace of the game in those situations. Are you making the offense have problems or not? That is the rub.

The difference between Married With Children (Bundy) and Harried Like Children (O' Neil) doesn't mean too much when the DC has no clue. At least Al gets laughs when he is clueless. :wink:

ED...CALL A PLAY! << no more :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Very Simple ...

To run a 34 You need 4 good Linebackers
We have 1 Maybe 2 (if Juan Resigns as a OLB)
we need 1 Linebacker more for 4-3 and 2 for 3-4
We need 1 more Inside Linebackers and 1 Outside Guy for 34 .
We only need an outside guy if say with a 4-3.
Mariuz would play outside but that is iffy.

you Need a Great Noise Tackle to play 34
But you can get away with 2 Good Players in 4-3
We Have Wayne and Maybe JP to play Tackles in 4-3
Not one of them could start in a 34.
You Monster in Middle to play a 34.

We have Good DE's

The 34 is a leaky boat vs the run
the 43 is better at Stopping Run Better IMO

re-It will be interesting to see how they use Bekasiak this year, he didn't seem to fined a home on the Dline last year.---------------- I could see him at O.T- -- 3/4 4/3 mix it up,use different sets. depending on opponent?Creehan is an improvement over last season, and the offence will be better to, if obie can improve S.T Ticats could make the playoffs :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with much that is being said. My problem with Creehan is that while I am no fan of a 3/4 defence, it made sense for him to use it when he had those 4 great LBs in Grace, White, Coe, and Clark. But when Grace and White were gone, he stubbornly stuck to the 3/4 when he no longer had the personnel to make it effective. I just hope he's gotten over that and is prepared to be flexible and institute the best defence possible given the personnel he'll have.

Right now, I'm not sure the Cats have the personnel to run an effective 3/4; it would require re-signing Armour, and having Moreno and Mariuz inside, and then signing another OLB for the other side. If that can't be done, go to a 4/3.

Nice Post

Toronto has the best defense in the league last year and the 2nd best against the run. So really a 3-4 defense does work.