Creehan moving on......

…kinda of a surprise move…wonder if the stamps are letting him sit on the sidelines till he can be the head guy…(seems strange)…or did he ask for his release and get a call from Popp in Montreal to come on board…???hmmmmm :roll:

He has been released by the Stamps.

Im surprised at the timing, but not at them releasing him. I don't think the defense has been really making strides as the season progressed like many thought they would.

The question I have is... what happens to Casey Creehan the D-line coach?

Personally, I think it was a good move, not much comment from Stamps fans so far. So it looks like Jacques could be moving into the HC job, Higgins should move out sooner rather than later and take Barker with him.

Piggy wishful thinking. If you think about it over the last three years our offense has developed where as the defense which was good slowly slid into mediocrety. I believe he showed now that the defense was not any better so he had to go. Barker and Higgens are safe piggy. :roll: Maybe it is time to move Taman to head of caretaking. See pretty dumb right maybe you can learn from it.

So you blame Creehan for the slide of the defense, when the HC and GM are out signing import receivers in the off season and trading away your starting NI's ? Even Creehan can't turn water into wine.

No but the guy asks for new players he got them and it is up to him to get the defense in order. Did that happen know this years addition is worse and the stats prove that. Where as the offense which needed upgrading over the years is there. :lol:

Tim Burke elevated to defensive co-ordinator
As a result of Creehan's dismissal, secondary coach Tim Burke will be named
interim defensive co-ordinator. Burke joined the Stamps in 2005 and is familiar with the 3-4 zone scheme used by the club, so the system won't change too much.
Casey will be staying on and helping Burke. He is disappointed about his father but understands this the nature of the football business.

Burke interview:

Higgens Interview:

by M Petrie Calgary Herald

Thanks for the update, wasn’t sure who was going to be in charge or what the fate of Casey would be.

I do not wish to speculate but I think some of the players were very ticked at Denny. If you listen to the Higgens news release a reporter asks Higgens and he sort of side steps the question.

Listened to Brian Clark talking to Doug Brown on the spin zone tonight (Monday). Clark seemed to suggest that the defensive system became the end all and made casualties of some very good players in point John Grace. Clark seemed relieved by the dismissal suggesting that the d could now play like football players are supposed to. It would appear the Stamp D was perhaps bogged down by Creehans schemes. If this is true we might see a much different Stamps D in the next few weeks. he also suggested that Burris was moving along much quicker than expected and thought he might be taking hits in a couple of weeks. Hmmm.

Well the fact Brian Clark was almost one of those that was on the outside looking in. You bet Denny was responsible for the defense sinking lower each year. There was no consistancey and if you fell out of favor you became a John Grace. May I add John was an All Star one year and the very next he was a bum (not true of course) but in Denny's eyes.

Where is Grace? Could he return to the Stamps now?

Grace last played for Montreal and was cut loose probably due to the hefty salary. I use to believe that might be the case in Calgary but when you hear ownership say you have cap room that is the question. I find that Denny has made changes wholesale changes each year. I can see one or two playes but it has been up to six each year not very good to get conssitancey happening. Do not get me wrong his defense schemes are great but the lack of players knowing the system year after year is what is hurting the defense for the Stampeders. To many guys having to learn the system each year. Good luck to him and he might be a good guy for Montreal. But do not let him make personnel changes for the sake of change.

I liked Creehan but in the last couple yrs he'd gone a little loopy. Cutting veterans, yelling at players
constantly, going through the media and calling
his players stupid and making high school

These guys are adults and eventually that sort of
tactic wears real thin.

What i predict you'll see is a defense less worried
about schemes and more worried about beating the man in front of them. Personal changes will be very

...wasn't Creehan supposed to be the man in line for Higgins job once he was kicked if i were Denny Creehan and was promised the head job...but now management was renegging on that promise.... ( Higgins doesn't appear to be going an :roll: ywhere)..maybe ...just maybe i wouldn't want to coach in Calgary now he's got his wish....tough way to go out..BUT ...i think there's more to this ill-timed move than meets the eye...and i guess it will be proven out if Creehan surfaces somewhere else and is successful?????hmmmmmm

I would expect him to have initial success just like
he had here, and I wouldnt be surprized if that
success started to fade around year three.

His style of coaching has a short life span.

Im sure if his son thought he had been treated unfairly he'd of left with him. His son coaches
the D linemen, and will help taking over his fathers responsibilities.

I wish Denny all the best of luck in his future.

Nice try spin doctor on mega beer doses. The fact this team lost by so much would indicate a change is required and it falls on the DC lap. Promises are for Rider fans. son ....i spend a lot of time trying to put a spin on know that...and also that i don't drink a lot of beer ....(just Gibsons Finest) stop trying to debunk my theories...all things are possible....even Creehan surfacing to coach elsewhere (maybe Montreal)...he's got a head start looking for work got to admit :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes I think he just might end up in Montreal.