Creehan firing

Was Creehan the problem, or is he taking the fall for someone else?

Well The defense has slowly gone down hill since Creehan came in. The biggest problem is his ability to work with his players. It has been apparent since the demotion of Grace and then the following year it was Clark. This year 9 new starters the year before it was 6. Is it that he does not have eye for talent that changes each year are required. With Grace the guy was an Allstar to bum the year after. Something wrong if you ask me with the coaching. With his dismisal we will get answers. If the players do not respond to this with improvement then he was the fall guy for his players.

When John Grace was playing, he was one of my favorite players who wasnt a Rider...

Suitor said last night on Dan Russel's Sportstalk to watch out for a fired up Calgary defense. He says that the majority of times when a Head Coach, Assistant coach, or Off / Def coord gets fired, the team usually picks it up.

If you guys beat Saskatchewan this weekend, there will be a few fans throwing themselves in front of combines! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Remove all the plastic knives! :lol: :lol: :lol:

...I heard Brian Clark quoted, not directly but through a FAN960 radio personality as saying that "now they can go out and just play football, they no longer have to worry about this scheme and that scheme and if they get it wrong being chewed out on the sideline" sporty you may be right, the D might be fired up come Monday, but not in spite of their fired coach, but because of it....

I do not think it was Clark but many of the defense did say this.

Well, like 2005 said, better take the plastic knives away! :wink:

I would find it fitting that the Riders have a turkey of a day.

Defense has been flying around in practise,
waaaaaayyyyyy less uptight.

Its not about making mistakes, now its about making plays.


Wasn't Creehan's matter who the coordinator was they were set up for failure, they asked the defensive staff to magic with 7 new starters. Blame that crap on Jim Barker. All you people believe what you read in the newspapers. Jim Barker is the idiot here's his decision on who stays and who goes with personnel. The TOP is where to blame and players need to make plays. Everyone said the Stamps give up too many yards per game.....hello idiots, the BC lions are in first place and only give 24 yards less per game. Thats not that big of a difference...Jim Barker forgets to realize when he points a finger there are 3 more fingers pointing right back at himself. He doesn't want any of the blame but wants all of the credit...just like Higgins. Both are ignorant and arrogant nobodies.

This post is halarious. At Ted Hellard said it is all the coaches the decide the talent on the field. Barker is resposnible to get the talent for them to choose. To bad but your very wrong. Crehan is stubborn and it showed. His act got old fast and Burke is doing a fine job getting the defense to play both 3 -4 or 4- 3. To funny. Leave Barker alone of the classiest guys you will ever meet.
Signed Jim's Mom

They’ve been playing pretty solid the past few weeks, but I still think it’s too early to tell if they are just fired up because Creehan is gone and trying to prove a point or if they will get complacent under Burke too.

Calgary will be pretty scary if the defense can play at a decent level.

Dust believe me Crehan was taking this defense no where. These guys under a new DC will need to perfomr otherwise they have a few guys on the PR ready to step in.

LOL you don't have to tell me, when you're last statistically in almost every category defensively the blame has to go on the guy running the system.

To me it seemed like back when Dunigan was coaching you guys had a very good defense, and then Creehan started playing musical players back there and the results showed.

WEll I see the importance to find good players. But Crehan was a guy that needed players to fit his system. That like using rubber band instead of tires on your car. Look at some of the talent he let go because he felt that they did not fit his system. His system worked up until OC's figured it out and then because of it there is no drastic adjustments being made to counter it.