Give credit, where credit is due. A lot of folks on here keep riding Ricky for not performing in the CFL .. Yet no one is recognizing, that this guy has played against the best run defence in the league twice already ... And yet his numbers are still better than a lot of running backs in the league (despite having less carries as well).

Give the Bomber defence some credit. Did you know that Edmonton's top RB (T. Davis) only had 11 yards on 8 attempts? Or that Montreals (R. Edwards) was kept to only 65 yards on 18 attempts?

its ALL the Bomber Defence.


And if I may add to that, Toronto's offensive line isn't exactly used to run-blocking, I'm sure behind a line like Saskatchewan's or Montreal's (as an example) he'd be doing much better.

Look at that... the NFL fanatic excuses the NFL star's lack of performance by overemphasizing the talent of his favourite CFL squad.

Your own post must have thrilled you, for it served three of your beliefs at once, eh?

hahhaaaha... ouch.

I was thinking this too. Everyone is just talking about how crappy he has played, and how crappy his Oline is. Not many are giving the credit to where it is most deserving - the Bomber run defense.
So far this is reminding me of a few years ago when the Bombers finished the year averaging only 50 or so yards against for rushing. That is an amazing feat.

Forget it Bomber Fans. Everyone in this Forum loves to run your Club down and they will continue to do so regardless of how well the Bombers play, until they beat them in the playoffs, then they'll run down your city. Personally, I don't get because your Club has some exciting, talented players and a hard working staff, but I've never visited Winnipeg. I can't imagine it is anymore "simple" or rural than anything west of The Big Smoke or east of the Constant Rain, both of which I've spent plenty of time in. Is it ?

see Vancouver may be a beatiful city but the rain alone would make me not want to live there. Maybe I am just spoiled by Manitoba's "sun every day" summers...

didnt he have close to 100 yards rushing in each of the games against Hamilton and BC.....nuff said.....

But we stopped him when we needed to...How is that quote...Bend but don't break! :wink: