Credit where it is due

First off, what impressed me most about the Stamps today has little to do with play calling, schemes, x's and o's.

No, what impressed me the most was the intensity level. That was one fanatically determined team out there, and there was just nothing that BC could do to match it.

And a big shout-out to an unsung hero. In this game, and indeed throughout the season the Stamps have had injury problems on the O-line; so bad that today 2 D linemen were pressed into duty . Yet, things went on with hardly a blip (okay, one bad snap). And that's been the case all season; O-linemen going down but others stepping up and the line barely misses a beat.

So major credit has to go to the O-line coach, Pat DelMonaco

...good place to put credit MJ, no doubt...was listening to the radio on the way to work this morning and one of the sideline guys said he was looking at the players standing on the side when the defense was out, and there were three dressed O-linemen, and seven O-linemen wearing hoodies...3 out of 10...crazy...

Well, it looks to me that the Stamps left their intensity on the field last week against BC, since I have seen precious little evidence of it today in Commonwealth.

...can't win without an o-line

well, 480 offensive yards and 31 points in nothing to sneeze at.

not sure this can be pinned on the o-line.

how many sacks were there?

Thanks for a great game Calgary :thup: you showed today that the Stamps are a classy organization . I gonna miss seeing Huff on the sidelines not only was he a ambassador for the Stamps but he was one for the CFL. Good luck in your new role Huff :thup:

That patchwork line wasn't a problem. Zero sacks given up, Bo was not pressured at ton.

It'd be a cop-out to blame the offensive line for this defeat. They did their job.

...I agree MJ, my comment wasn't a shot at the guys who filled in and did their very best it was moreso how a decimated o-line that has to be shored up by players from other areas how it can effectively diminish those other areas, so the team is weakened overall...but who's to say, the EEs were the better team far and wide and deserved the win...

No problem with the Oline. Two fumbles leading to Edmonton touchdowns, a lost TD by Parker's weak effort in the endzone, and an Edmonton TD following Parker's boneheaded roughing penalty...there's the game right there.

...-4 in the turnover department is going to hurt...

Edmonton played their A game in the west final. They were not close to as good in the GC game.