Credit where credit is due

According to Lowell Ullrich of The Province the Lions O Line has allowed Travis to be sacked only once in the past 4 games. That is awesome and some of the credit needs to go to Chapdelaine, Dorazio and Bates as well as those in the trenches. Well done!

In the "points for" dept. the Lions have outscored Calgary albeit marginally. But take a look at the "points against". The Lions with 273 to Calgary's 348. A 75 point spread or 10+ converted TDs! The Lions either lead or are near the top in QB sacks . A tip of the hat to Benevides and his defensive line coach.

As fans, we have much to be happy about. The Lions are 6-0 in their last 6 games. No small feat considering their dismal start. With only 5 games remaining and the Lions healthy and with Travis Lulay and the rest of the team playing the way they are they have an excellent chance of hosting a Grey Cup in the newly renovated B.C. Place in late November. Let's hope no one goes down due to an injury during the home stretch.

Congrats to B.C. on their victory last night in a very entertaining game. The West is going to go down to the wire I say, and thus I'm looking forward to going to the October 29th game vs Edmonton.