Credit Where Credit is Due

Okay, I've been critical of this particular player all season, and last season, as have other posters.

But it's time to give credit to him for a great game today.

Who led our team in tackles this game, as he has led our team all year?

Chip Cox.

Who partially blocked a field goal attempt, resulting in the Argos getting one point instead of three?

Chip Cox

Who recovered the fumble and scored the TD that sealed the win?

Chip Cox.

When a gang tackle brought down an Argo receiver or running back, who was in the middle of that gang more often than not?

Chip Cox.

When an Als' defender missed a tackle which should have resulted in a huge Argo loss (hello, Jerald Brown), who was there to make the tackle and limit the Argos' gain?

Chip Cox

If they gave out watches for a Gladiator on a Saturday, who would have won the watch today?


I agree with you. Never really liked the guy but today, he came to play!

Incredible speed on that fumble recovery. :thup:

I've never had any issues with Chip Cox but nice to see him get props :thup:

Another genius move by the coaching staff :thup:

Absolutely, he had a monster game. I've been tough on him for a long time, but he owned the field this afternoon in every possible sense: tackles, knockdowns, the blocked FG, the fumble recovery and TD. Not sure one could ask more from a linebacker. :thup: :thup:

In addition to the above, Cox batted down one of the opposing QB's passes. I saw Cox all over the field- he was of great assistance to Estelle and the other backfield defenders. Cox and Proulx are two Als who have played well above their performance in 2008. I believe Toronto's defensive line outplayed the Als offensive line today, at least in the first half- four sacks and Calvillo running more than usual.

Trestman has been attempting to utilize Larry Taylor's speed by inserting him into the offensive unit. This afternoon Taylor, who is A-1 as a punt returner, again demonstrated that he is not a receiver and, this experiment has been quite ineffective.

Hamilton's loss was a disappointment.Their defense played one great game but the offence blew out several great opportunities. This was a tough loss for some great fans! I was hoping the TiCats would win- this hurt!

I haven't been impressed with Taylor the past few weeks. To me, it seems like he's looking to break off a big play before he's even secured the football. He needs to focus on consistency rather than personal highlight reels.

It woild appear that there are many coaches who attempt to utilize a kick returner's speed by inserting him into the offensive backfield. It does not work! Do you remember Keith Stokes- he was the swift kick returner that Matthews [ and others- Winnipeg }
attempted to put him into a receiver slot. He certainlly was fast but, he could not catch! Worst still- two of his fumbles cost the Als a Grey Cup.

Well, I have no problem with occasionally using Taylor on a reverse or a misdirection screen. He just has to make the catch! A guy like Dorsey is proof that you can use your kick returner effectively as a receiver.