Credit for the early touchdown

I'm fortunate enough to get some CFL games on the NFL Network.
Why are the announcers giving credit for the touchdown to Dix for picking up the fumble and running it in for a touchdown, but it was No. 17 who made it happen??!! No. 17 made the play; Dix was just among three Montreal guys who had a chance to pick it up for the easy score.

I should have said that No. 17 made the TD happen by forcing the fumble.

Because Dix is the big name on Als D the past couple years, along with Cox, so they focus a fair amount of attention on him. Also, some of the colour commentators are really only announcers...restating what is obvious to the viewer instead of pointing out the little things that are often overlooked...the bumps. routes, blocks that make a playu happen, like that play, the strip.

You have a good point. It is not right but it does often seem to be that way. The stats will show that Dix got the TD and 17 will be credited with a forced fumble. To the uninitiated, guess which one is "sexier" ...