Credit for Season Ticket Holders?

Just read the messages from the CFL (Randy Ambrosie) as well as the separate message from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats' Customer Service team.

The Tiger-Cats' message refers to a credit that is being offered to Season Ticket holders; but the value of the credit equates to 4 missed games. Someone from the Tiger-Cats' office will need to elaborate on this because if we assume the season starts on September 1st, I count 5 missed regular season home games, plus the Pre-Season game !!! According to my arithmetic, we should be receving a credit for 6 out of the 11 home games that we pay for each season (includes the assumed home playoff matchup).

Explanation ??

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Just spoke to my TiCat rep and he said the original schedule was scrapped so maybe when they release the new schedule it will only be four games that were cancelled.

Rather than posting a rant on the team website, it would make more sense (if you wanted an answer) to call the team and ask. I'm sure it would be explained. If not to your satisfaction, then perhaps that might be the time for a rant?