Creator of the four man bob sled has been revealed!

I am going to list four guys that could have been the creator of this very funny show off slam dunk funny act in the end zone. The winner buys Kanga a drink at the GC game. I will reveal the creator tomorrow!

who cares about a 4 man bobsled dance? this is a football forum not dance fever usa!

Pathetic school tomorrow do not forget you need that education! :lol:

He meant the in/famous touchdown dance when the Stamps beat up on the Als in Montréal a couple weeks back.

so, should I vote?

Go ahead and vote, KK. Whatever PM or his other NFL-loving butt buddies presume has no relevance to us.

i aintt a jackass, im a heterosexuall, and im calm, cool, collective and smooth.

And you could not find your Caps key if your life depended on it!

…or a dictionary.

Cope is in the lead!

(1)Hmmm is this something new!
(2)Now I would guess you are a popcicle! Am I right!

Either that or a bottle of Smirnoff Twisted: Green Apple. Oh wait, I forgot the American linkage. He’s probably more like “mash liquor” :lol:

im a sexy 6'2'' athletic african-american, y'all are just jealous.

Who's also a bigot (no foreigners allowed? Then why you here?) and has been insinuated you've been pumping your body with more than iron or your right hand.

im allowed to go wherever i want, your just angry that i know more football than you, come down to my football camps in alabama & florida, i teach offensive philosophy and im a QB coach.

No offense, Playdude, but whatever you may have in appearance (yet to be determined, and not believable, by the way), is more than squashed by that horrid personality of is only skin deep, but ugly goes right to the bone.....

Oh wow now your that too hey have you driven a bus, been water boy or hey that just get this out of the way! Tell us about yourself! Like have you gone into space? You run what 4.3 wow that is pretty good is that in hours.

It seems JM02 knows the answer! So guys of course this does not include (playdough88) you better show her up here!

Which probably exist as much as McMahon's Breaking News reports. I didn't believe him then, and I don't believe you now. Besides, if a guy was born in 1988, like your monicker suggests, I highly doubt he'd have the football knowledge or expertise of an actual gang banger up in Malvern, Jane-Finch, or Galloway.

But you still cant spell