Creating the Stampeders in Madden NFL 06...

Hey all you Stampede fans. I'm relativly new to the CFL (haven't even seen a game yet, but I want to get familiar), and I'm going to create the Stampeders in the NFL's video game, Madden NFL 06, but I need help on the statistics for the Stampeders' players. The only one I know how to accuratly rate is Jason Gesser, and that's only because he played for the Titans, so I don't know how he's done in the CFL.

Could anyone who knows the game well enough help me out? I'd really appriciate it.

click on each player name to get their Bio

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Can u make a link so that i can see it cuz on the hamilton forum this guy made one for the ti cats it looks really good

bombers 06

I made the Stamps in Madden '06 already. Took a LOOOONG time, but I got er done. I just took players in the NFL who I felt were equivalent to who they'd be in the CFL, in terms of size, skill, playing style, etc(eg. Aaron Brooks as Henry Burris, Steve Smith as Nik Lewis...). Then I changed their height and weight to what it would exactly be as their Stampeder counterparts.

The only guys who's weight I fibbed on was our LB core. Since you say you dont know much about CFL, I'll just tell you that Calgary has the best LB core in the CFL. We use a 3-4 system, and all four of our LB's are All-Star calibre. In fact our anchor, John Grace, just won Defensive Player of the Year honours. But the problem is, theyre kind of undersized(Grace is only 220, George White is only 208). Which is fine in the CFL. But can you image 210 pound LB's trying to get through NFL-sized OL's? Forget about it. I at first had them at their real weight, but they couldnt do anything out there. And since they're playmakers in the CFL, it wasnt accurate to have them getting stuffed constantly in the game. So I gave each one an extra 20-30 pounds.

Making the team and stadium took me forever, but I'm quite pleased with the result. I was very pleased when I threw a pass, and in the game Al Michaels actually said "Burris throws, caught by Copeland". I'm surprised their names are in the game!

I think I did a decent job on McMahon Stadium too, it looks pretty accurate. Though I had to recently go back into the game and replace the Astroturf with FieldTurf. Man I cant wait to see how that looks at McMahon come next season! I bet it makes the stadium look 100 times better., that's pretty know, with the amount of xbox or PS the players actually spend playing I bet if you faxed the stamp head office and told them what you've created you might get in invite to the the dressing room with your game and maybe play your game version with some of the guys.......

Haha good thinkin!

Stamps7, just currious.. could you post a layout of how you 'built' McMahon? I can't seem to get it quite right and I'd be interested to see what others have done to try and re-create it..

I've been working on creating the Stamps in game.. Good to know that once I finish, it'll look and sound good!

Oh no McMahon wasnt that accurate in my game. I just tried to make it somewhat like the way it looks. Trust me, its far from what it actually looks like.

Oh, and I just discovered something nice in my team. When I was saving one of my games, I got up to grab a drink, tripped over the cord, and the game got shut off. When I turned it back on, it said I had "corrupted data". And now the names for my team is gone! My team itself is still there, with jerseys and everything, as well as the stadium. But their names, sizes and weight are back to original. I'm not going out this weekend because I have to work until 11pm both nights, so maybe when I get home I can busy myself with correcting that again.

I'm trying to think of who to make next. I'd say Edmonton or Saskatchewan, just so I can have a Stampeders rival in there. But it really bothers me how I wont be able to get the logo anywhere near to close to what it actually looks like. They really need an option to put two letters on the helmet, so many teams have it. Or a design going through a letter, like BC, Saskatchewan, Toronto and Winnipeg all have. With the Blue Bombers, I can at least make their old logo perfectly. I think I'll busy myself with that next.

i have madden 06 and what are u talking about "creating logos" and stuff and why would their names be on their?

old logo's just a W like that so i assume they have just a plain W

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