Creating a new "CFL Inc." maybe?

Found this document on the web as below, abstract as:

Designing Sports Leagues as Efficient Monopolists Rather Than Inefficient Cartels

“An inherent conflict exists when clubs participating in a sports league control the way in which the competition is organized. This conflict leads to fewer franchises that may not be in the best locations, fewer broadcast rights sold with too many “black-outs,â€? inefficient marketing of merchandise and sponsorships, ineffective supervision of club management, labor market restrictions that do not enhance consumer appeal in the sport, and insufficient international competition. We suggest that sports leagues would be more profitable and fans’ welfare improved if sports leagues looked more like McDonald’s and less like the United Nations, by restructuring the leagues to create a separate company (NFL, Inc.) that would make key decisions and limit the club owners to participating in the competition.”

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I wonder if this is something the CFL might consider at some point to help prevent some of the situations like Ottawa that has happened and maybe help with any expansion efforts. I don’t know.

Sounds alot like the "One Owner" thread that I started a few weeks ago.

Getting the current ownership to give up power would be like getting the provinces to sign a new constitution giving Ottawa sweeping powers. Somebody would have to buy out the CFL like McMahon tried, but with more money and more dignity!!!

sounds like a good idea, but the league is already in the right locations. The NHL should also consider this.

The NHL should consider getting rid of Bettman....

Yeh Bettman, that is a whole separate discussion. But the NHL is in a position to go out and get more franchises in Europe, and maybe some more in Canada, to really try and monopolize the market rather than letting European pro leagues flourish and maybe even the Winnipegs, Hamilton's, Saskatoon's, QC's others here? get into some pro league of some sort, which I think could be a possiblity.

Betteman must go!

NHL in Europe? nah, never will happen, CANADA FRIST!!!

Europe can have it’s own Super League, like the CFL to the NHL (or visa verse)


Like Rob mentioned, Vince McMahon tried to buy the CFL and set it up this way. When the league turned down his offer, he started the XFL.

Ah, the XFL: that great league...the epitome of a successful sports business. Surely it will last forever, long after the fly-by-night operations like the NFL and CFL have become faded memories. Yes, when the NBA and MLB are mythological characters in children's bedtime stories, the XFL will continue to flourish as it does today. Sure, other leagues will rise and fall, but only those wise enough to follow the XFL's example will avoid the fate suffered by the dodo and the NHL.


Why anyone would suggest that other leagues take on the structure that failed so miserably is beyond me.

Communism is dead, let it stay that way.

Communism isn't dead, not quite, just on a hiatus or reformed as new democracy.

As long as their are those that believe in a prefect society, and are those who seek ultimate power, Communism will never die.

and if they turn into tyrants (there policies don't work, and they don't change them), they will be overthrown, like Kruschev in the early 1960's.

.......a perfect society and one who weilds ultimate power cannot co-exist.......

The CFL is hardly a perfect society. It is more like a relatively small corporation that has owners pulling it in various directions. As for the league being bought by one person/corporation, the chance of it happening are slim to none. If it were going to happen, it would have happened in the '90's when the league experienced severe financial difficulties. As for a league with one owner being "communism", the NFL has done very well with owners ceding alot of power and money to the league office. The NFL is by far the most successful pro sports league in North America.

that and the NBA, I'd like to see the CFL be as successful, w/o losing it's roots.

.......the CFL will not nor should not expect to operate at the same plateau as the NBA or the NFL....and that is just fine...... for the proposed idea, while this unification of executive decision making works well for the NFL the same cannot be said for MLB so as a model there is inconsistency......

MLB isn't even a league, it has a way to go, right now, it at the level that the NFL-AFL were in the late 60's, as far as leagues go.

It could work well for the CFL, but the league operates in a different market.

I'd like to see it try to be at that plateau of success, or at least get closer to it and make one for itself. It has done so, but I and I imagine others would like to see the league go a bit higher, and it's getting there.

....Major League Baseball.....(psst, do you see that middle word there KK?).....

it's two leagues though, the National and American ones, it's not one untied league, like the NFL. is one league which has two sides, coincidently called leagues used to be two separate and distinctive leagues but not anymore...the NFL has two 'sides', the AFL and the NFC...MLB has the American 'League' and the National 'League' which kept their names to pay homage to their roots.....but the sport itself is governed as one league.....comprende?....

nah, it doesn't quite work that way.

.......oh yes it does, ever heard of the Major League Baseball Commisioner?....see, that's singular, not plural.....One league head office that conducts the business and the rules of the sport for all MLB teams.......that means one professional body....

it not quite as organised as the NFL, with it's two conferences. Why do you think that have had the issues they have had recently?