Crazy Weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wondering how everybodies doing out in Ti-Cat country? What a crazy night!crazy,crazy storm!! Didn't see a lick of the BB's-DB's friday night.Had a huge tree come crashing down in front of the house,just before kick-off,wiping out cable service(still down),internet(came back up about 1/2 hour ago),lost power about ten times.So I'm just curious how the storm affected everyone elsewhere(im in Stoney Creek).Heres hoping that everyone out there effected by this insane storm,is okay and safe!!

Scary stuff!I live on the west mountain and large trees are snapped in half like twigs!If this will be the new norm for weather we are in trouble bobo.Hope you and yours are safe,take care. :roll:

Here in Mississauga, we were driving on the 427 when the storm started to hit last night. Lots of wind and rain, didn't see any damage. My Mother in law's pool got a refill from the heat over the last couple of days. The rear entrance of her house got slightly flooded and pulled up the old parquet flooring from the previous downpour.

Hope everyone's safe and dry.

8) Lots of damage here in Burlington.
   Power was out for 7 hours here.  Back on at 2am.

   Missed the whole game last night !!    <!-- s:x -->:x<!-- s:x -->                 Cogeco cable is still out !!

It was crazy indeed.

The sewers in our area seemed to be backed up to some extent, although am pleased to report not enough to reach the foundation of the house.
A few smaller trees were downed in the process, and the power cut out for only 20 minutes or so, thus we are much more fortunate than many others who are still without power and/or have experienced property damage.

Luckily no serious injuries have been reported although although there are currently people trapped in their homes due to downed wires.

well wishes to all.
(and please stay away from exposed wires)

Tis approx. 10:45 Sat. morning,sounds like a logging camp in the neighbourhood,chainsaws going everywhere!!! Cable still out,phoned and was told 45-60 min.wait online just to talk to a tech.Oh Well,watcha going to do?..Better have it up and running no later than 7:00 p.m Sunday night!!! Thinking might be time to switch from cable to satelite!!! :frowning: :thdn:

I lived through the ice storm back in Ottawa in 99, now there was a storm. People in the burbs were without electricity for weeks in the middle of winter.
A couple of days from now it will be long forgotten and people will be complaining about how unseasonably cool it is.

The problem with satellite is that it goes blurry and you will lose your picture during heavy rains, we have Directv back in Florida and it's not good during bad weather.

Yes. You may lose the satellite signal for the duration of the storm, but it will certainly never be out for hours after the storm has hit. I have never been without a signal for more than half an hour.

8) Are you with Cogeco also ???
  When I called them, they had a recording stating that they were experiencing major problems due to the storm last night.

   Told me the same thing as you, that at least 45 min. wait to talk to a tech.

    Why bother waiting all that time to eventually have a tech tell me the same thing that the recording told me.     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

BINGO!!!!! COGECO SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :x :x

When I was a Rogers cable customer, our television service was down for about 16 hours over the course of a couple of days. I dropped them shortly afterward, regarding that issue and many other problems spanning my over 20 years with them. I now use our internet service from another vendor to view TV. All I did was bump the bandwidth a little. No more cable bill. And the internet doesn't have nearly the difficulties that I had before (screen freezing and pixellating). And I've saved money.

Best of all, no more of Roger's poor service and attitude.

8) Did you get your cable back on ??
   Mine came back on at 7pm last night.     Hopefully yours is back on also !!

Sure did Tipper,up and running approx. 1:00 o'clock Sat. afternoon,lots of people though here in the Creek still don't have any hydro,lots still don't have phone or cable service back up either!!!