Crazy Salary Cap Idea

Lately i have been hearing alot about having a franchise player clause which would allow a team to not count its highest paid player's salary towards the cap. I have a different idea:

Do away with the ratio requirements, but at the same time do NOT count starting non-imports towards the salary cap.

This would still mean that quality non-imports would be the key to a team success because it would allow them more money to sign their key import players.

At the same time if you cant find a solid Canadian starting LB you can go out and buy a non-import but it will take away from your availble spending limit.

There would be unrestrained bidding for the top Canadians.

Their salaries would skyrocket.

The community-owned teams and poorer teams
couldn't afford many of these players.

The privately owned teams would get most of them.

That would defeat the purpose of having a salary cap, herscel.


I believe that Canadian starters are still far better paid than imports
because there is a far smaller pool of talented Canadian players
with experience at a high level of scholastic or pro competition.

Interesting idea.

People are still looking for ways around the cap or a least ways to change it.

I say a cap is a cap is a cap. To me we either do away with it all together or we keep it the way it is and only allow slight increases each year.

Not counting non-imports would free up cash for import players and would give some teams an advantage.

Do that and I think that you will not see any Canadians in the league. The pool of American players coming out of college who don't make the NFL is so large that I the CFL won't even scout the Canadian schools. Honestly, how many Canadians would be playing in the CFL if it were not for the ratio rule? Don't get me wrong, we have some great Canadian players but they are much, much smaller in number than their American counterparts. For a good GM, it would be fairly easy to find good American talent and stay underneath the cap.