Crazy People !

Just for fun, I went on eBay to see how many Grey Cup tickets were on sale right now. When I checked, 184 sellers were offering between 2 and 10 tickets for the game (though, mostly offered just a pair).

It was quite amazing to see how many people are out of their minds. Would you pay 5 400$ for 6 Grey Cup tickets? Or 2 500$ fo a pair on the 35 yards line? I wouldn’t pay such money to be sitting on the friggin’ ball, but apparently some people think they might get this much.

A lot (and I mean A LOT) of sellers can’t even get 150$ offers for a pair in the lower bowl. All those who think of making a profit stand no chance at all of getting rid of them tickets.

But here’s the kicker. Here’s where we can get depressed at how low human nature can go. Of the 184 sellers, TWELVE set their auction to end AFTER the Grey Cup game will be played !

ROFLMAO ! How crazy is that?

We have a large number of scalpers here. I guess they were expecting to make a huge profit if the Lions made it in. I would suspect as the game gets closer, the prices will drop.

When I lived in the Lowermainland in the 90's, my neighbour used to get tickets UNDER listed prices. He would go to a Canucks game, wait for the puck to drop and get discount tickets.

Are those asking prices or bids?

I don't know about the laws in BC, but in Ontario, there's a law against selling tickets above the face value.

I once sold some Barenaked Ladies concert tickets to a show they were doing in Sarnia (had to cancel my plans at the last minute) and sold the ducats on eBay, and when I posted the listing, it stated the forementioned provincial law.