Crazy one handed grab...Who was it?

I'm really hopin' y'all can help me out on this one. I don't watch much CFL, but I know an incredible play when I see one. Me and my buddy were out at the bar last night and TSN was on. We weren't really watching the TV, but we happened to glance up and see this one wideout jump incredibly high in the air, stretch his entire body out and pull a pass in one handed. When he hit the ground he landed on his back and kinda folded like an acordian. It didnt look like he got hit so he might have got up and ran it in but the highlight ended with the catch. I want to say it was an Alouette but I really can't be sure. It wasn't that Jamel Richardson TD catch, but it did look similar.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I want to find a highlight of it badly.

Thanks in advance,


maybe it was me :rockin:

Go to youtube and search "Edwin Baptiste". I think that's your man.

Incredible catch.

If you find it, post the link. It sounds pretty good.

it was actually a college game i can't remeber if it was canadian or american college but it was on the tsn top 10 last night happened about a week ago it was an unreal catch 1 that probably will never be duplicated it doesn't get much better than that catch.

That sounds about right. Any idea how to find out more about the catch?

Found it. You were right.

not sure, but I dont think that was me. :slight_smile:

You never know

making that catch had to feel soooo gooood.

He will be reliving that catch over and over many times over the yrs, specially after he stops playing.

There is no High like the High of the thrill of over the top athletic accomplishment and performance.

All the drugs in the world cant match such an experience.

some people think its the greatest catch they've ever seen........but A.J Green may have something to say about that:



My vote would go to Baptiste, however they were both spectacular.