Crazy Off-Season Rumors Dept.

With Mike Gibson fired yesterday as Redblacks offensive co-ordinator, this from Kirk Penton in Winnipeg Sun:

"Some of the names being tossed around by CFL types Wednesday to replace Gibson were Argos receivers coach Jason Maas, Alouettes offensive co-ordinator Ryan Dinwiddie, Argos offensive co-ordinator Marcus Brady and former Montreal quarterback Anthony Calvillo."

Glad to see Desjardins and Campbell didn’t waste any time with this. Gibson deserved to go. Inexcusable for the offense to fire blanks through 18 games with Burris under center.

Those names are just names. Nothing ties them to Ottawa. Why would Toronto let Brady move laterally? Why would we let Dinwiddie move laterally? Would they really turn over the offense to Anthony Calvillo, who has never coached a day? The only credible name from that list is Maas.

He hasent coached but did spend a few years calling the plays…

Which was a long time ago now (not since 2007). And being the OC would mean not just calling plays but drawing up the playbook, being responsible for installing the whole offense in practice (especially with Campbell coming from the defensive side of the ball), and supervising the position coaches. There’s also the question of whether Calvillo would even want to come to Ottawa.

If I were Desjardins, I’d be looking at Jason Maas, Jarious Jackson, or Jonathan Himebauch. Himebauch would also be able to coach the O-line, which is a position that needs filling now that Gibson is gone…

Dinwiddie pourrait être une option si les Alouettes décidaient de confier les rennes de l’attaque à quelqu’un d’autre (Schonert, Garcia) et amener Calvillo comme entraîneur des quarts. Mais franchement, est-ce que Dinwiddie serait une amélioration par rapport à Gibson? Peut-être un peu, mais pas tant que ça.

L’idée d’installer Calvillo immédiatement comme coordonnateur à l’attaque m’apparaît farfelue. Il en a vu d’autres, mais être entraîneur, c’est un autre métier. Calvillo devrait faire ses classes avant de se retrouver coordonnateur, un peu comme Dickenson l’a fait.

Brady pourrait être une option si Milanovitch était congédié. Mais on ne voit pas ça arriver pour l’instant.

Plutôt d’accord pour Maas comme probabilité, mais je demeure songeur quant aux résultats qu’il pourrait tirer de cette équipe.

Maas and Himebauch sound like logical possibilities, but who would want to go there because of the QB situation. Burris is still Hank and Frank, O`Brien did not show anything and DeMarco, who might be a legitimate prospect, suffered the serious knee injury.

I though you meant as a replacement if Donwiddie went to Ottawa…

When they promoted Dinwiddie to OC he had zero experience callin plays and writing up plays…AC at least has called them

But he didn’t like it. It will be interesting to see how Calvillo’s career develops. For years he said coaching didn’t make his top five lists of things he wanted to do after playing…

True. But after last year, he said that he changed his mind about coaching. Being on the sidelines and working with the younger QBs apparently opened him up to the positive side of coaching.

Just hypotemuse. I think he may be motivated because he realized that its not easy to make six figures in Montreal. I don’t know if that is enough to become a successful coach. Also coaching invariably will lead to a nomadic life.

I suspect that AC pushed off the coaching option because he didn’t want to trigger retirement talk by expressing such an interest.

Do not see AC going to the RedBlacks.
His blood is Red,Blue and White. Close with Wettenhall.

He did say there had to be a fit. Something AC learned the hard way in Hamilton. Would anyone here be happy to see AC take over the OC role for this team with Higgins has his mentor ? I sure would not. I also can’t see him being a QB coach working for Dinwiddie. The best place for AC to start might be as an OC or QB coach in Ottawa work his way up a la Buono and come back to Montreal when/if he’s ready to be the HC for a long time.

Now if Wetenhall is adamant about having AC join “the family” well I could see him working with The Marcel to find a home for Dinwiddie and again an expansion team would be a great spot for RD he could grow at the same pace as the team in a market where expectations are more realistic.

Good point about AC maybe starting somewhere else as a position coach. As for us, who should we consider as OC if Dinwiddie isn't back?

Jarious Jackson
Trestman (/joke)

Nous verrons qui deviendra disponible d’abord.

Il faudrait que ce soit quelqu’un qui a tout de même eu un certain succès à faire évoluer des jeunes quarts, parce que c’est ce que nous avons au sein de l’équipe présentement. Ça limite pas mal les candidats.

Pourquoi ne pas considérer Garcia?

Jeff said himself he’s not an X and O guy. So that means he’s more interested working with individuals or as a Head Coach.

He didn’t like it as a QB OC is not the same…As for Coaching, as pointed out he said he changed his mind last year while working with the players when he was injured

I cant see AC coaching anywhere but in Montreal

[i]The thing is, the CFL needs new blood on the offensive side of the ball. Ottawa recycled Gibson who was never good. Winnipeg brought back Marcel Bellefool. Both offences (and teams failed).

Dinwiddie was promising, but was thrust into the role of OC much too quickly. Right now he is not good enough to remain OC. Do we keep him and hope he'll improve? Or, do we release him after haven given him 2 years of training, only to see him eventually have success somewhere else?

Can Schonert properly run a CFL offence? Can he bring things to the table that would be new and fresh? Johnny is not convinced. For some reason Johnny is reminded of Bart Andrus. Schonert has a better NFL resume than Andrus, but Johnny is still not convinced.

Right now Jason Maas looks like the best candidate for the Als. [/i]

Jason Maas didn't even want to be in MOntreal when we signed him. Popp had to promise to release him at season's end. He would also bring with him and even more basterdised version of the Trestovich's dink and dunk. I'd rather keep Dinwiddie if he can show something this week. He's impatient but that could be the nerves and inexperience. Like Johnny says the Als have a difficult decision to make.

We keep turning our noses up at the Trestovich dink and dunk but Ray is still productive in that system and it’s not the reason why the Argos didn’t succeed this year. Barker can’t recruit, they had no D, and they had an abnormally high number of injuries on offence.

I don’t trust Dinwiddie to run this offence on his own. In my world, either he goes OR he comes back as co-OC with an older, more experienced coach. Like I said earlier, he had an opportunity to show the league that he’s an offensive mind to be reckoned with and he dropped the ball. Why reward him with another year when he hasn’t done anything to earn it?