crazy idea

here's a crazy plan,have 2 division's with 8 teams,now stay with me,one division with the 8 CFL teams and the other division with 8 of the smaller market the winner of division 2 would move into the CFL division the following year and the last place team in division 1 the CFL division would go into division 2. crazy i know but would something like that work. don't trash me O.K.

Sorry but no. I don't think you'll any Canadian/American league with a relegation system.

Find another 8 teams then we will talk :wink:

YES i know it would be hard to get 8 other teams.

Actually, a similar idea was floated by Sports Illustrated to help baseball overcome the disparity between the big spenders and the's one way to parity, but the better way is to have a salary cap system that is enforced. The CFL having more teams would help parity-in the NFL, if you have a bad season, next year you play some other teams that had bad the CFL, you play everybody.

caper, great idea, I think the soccer boys in Europe do this or something similar. As long as the 2nd tier teams do get some TV time, that would be a must for some exposure.

And 8 millionaire with deep pockets to throw money away. :roll:

And 8 stadiums big enough to hold them. :roll:

10,000 seaters should work for Division 2. ?Again, I don't know how the soccer boys in Europe do this but it seems to work. On the other hand, they don't have the college system of sports like here so maybe this just wouldn't work here.

This Idea Came Up A While Back, Having A Relegation System. It's A Great Way To Allow Small Market Cities Have A Team Without Having To Spend Millions On Stadiums, Salaries, And Coaching. However Because Canada's So Big The Only Way To Make It So That The Teams Aren't Spending All They're Money On Transportation Is To Have A Bus League.

For Example, If We Put Teams In Halifax, Sydney, Moncton, Sherbrook, Quebec City, Saint John, And Trois-Rivières. All The Teams Are A Bus Ride Within Each Other. Therefore An Owner Would Only Have To Make Sure That They Can Fill 5 000-10 000 Seats To Break Even.


I play in a bus league. it sucks. i'd rather see 8 teams in the CFL than put these guys on a bus.

its cramped, its slow, its uncomfortable, it stinks, injuries a HUGE pain in the ass on a bus ... its a terrible environment to try and jam 50 guys into two bus's ...

We only travel within Alberta, and its TERRIBLE!
(Calgary, Edmonton, RedDeer, Grand Prairie, Lloydminster, Medicine Hat, Wainwright).


English (and probably all european) soccer teams can’t gain promotion to the upper divisions if their stadium is too small, or not in good shape.

It’s a really nice idea, since it would probably help Canadian football in general, but 5000-10000 seat stadiums are waaaay too small for the CFL.

It’s become hard enough to find owners for 2 more CFL teams … I don’t think any promoted “2nd-level” teams would stand a chance, financially or on the field, in the “1st-division” CFL.

A sort of “minor league” CFL would be nice, simply to get more teams and more interest … but already we have to compete with the NFL, and I don’t know if a minor league would have any luck.

When I played football, that's how they divided the teams as well. Only we were 16 teams in the league and Division 1 was the strong division, and Division 2 was the weaker. The top 2 teams of the weaker plays Playoffs and following season in division 1, while the 2 last place teams in the strong division move down to play playoffs and following season in the weaker division.

It's a cool idea, but I think the objective of that format, is to give everyone a chance to win. Instead of putting teams that get around 30 kids at training camp, in the same division with teams that get over 200. With that format, I would think that means that there are weaker and stronger division, and in my opinion, that shouldn't exist in a professional league.

Good thought process though, It's a lot more interesting then some other peoples thoughts.

you could get the teams in division 2 try to promote the canadian talent from the colleges it would be great to do if we only had the teams.

I Played In A Bus League For 3 Years. Let Me Tell You Some Of My Favourite Moments Were The Bus Rides To And From The Games. Sometimes We’d Be Riding In Nice Greyhounds, Other Times We Would Have The Entire Team Cramed In One School Bus But It Was Loads Of Fun. Shouting At People On The Streets When We’d Role Into Bumbubble Scum Beeton. Then Telling Jokes And Talking Smack As We Role Out After Lossing By Some Atrosish Score. And As Much As It Blows Being Injured On A Bus Over That 3/4 Hour Bus Ride I Imagin It Would Be Worse Having To Take A Plan From Kelowna To Vancouver, Then From Vancouver To Toronto, Then A Train Ride From Toronto To London.


sure - some of the drunkest moments in my life have been on a team bus … good times, maybe - but hardly a good idea for travel for a professional team.

btw - its 9 hours to grand prairie, 6 hours to lloydminster, 4.5 hours to wainwright, 3 hours to medicine hat, 1.5 hours to red deer, 3 hours to edmonton … these bus rides are not enviable, even with a disgusting amount of beer.


...not great travel arrangements but lots of minor hockey teams manage to play away games this way....

I think it would be a good idea of having a farm league for the CFL instead.
I doubt it would be possible because their are limmits to how low you can pay players and CFL salaries are already kinda low as it is.
Your thoughts?

I Had The Good Fortune To Be Able To Play In Southern Ontario. The Longest Bux Ride We Ever Did Was To London Which Is About 3 Hours, Although We Did Do It Sober.

I'm Not Really Sure How London To Toronto Compares To Sydney To Saint John. However In A Two Division League I Can See Most Of The Trips Being Much More Then A Few Hours. Don't Forget Most Leagues In North America Start Out As Bus Leagues, NLL, NHL. As Beer Barons Brought Up, It's Hard Enough To Pay Player Saleries And It Tends To Be Really Expensive To Travel By Plane, Which Just Adds A Cost That You Don't Need. Plus I Don't Think There's 8 Cities In Canada Without A CFL Team That Have Direct Service Between Them By A Major Airline, Like West Jet.