Crazy Fan on the Field arrested?

Did anyone see the crazy fan wearing a mask and hard hat on the field in the 4th?
I heard that he was trying to climb the uprights.
Where did he come from?

Not sure where he came from, but pretty sure where he is headed!!!


did you notice that on field level there were an abundance of police officers around? Normally you don't see that many at field level but in the stands. Before that incident it looked like they were preparing for something.

He was in that corner for a long time before he actually did it. Good book by the security staff to grab him before the cops went out.

He was amazingly agile for someone wearing overalls. He climbed up the goal post really fast. It was funny.

I can see if they were losing that he would do it but it was the best game all year. Ok the Winnipeg game was good but I wasn't there.
Actually it was Stripes who got him first that was the funniest about the whole thing.

I saw him talking with someone outside the stadium after the game, so he didnt get carted off to jail...

Meh, at least he wasn't naked, lol!

i saw him outside the stadium after the game with his buds. looked like his hands were together behind his back but there was no police to be seen.

Where did he come from? - someone said he came from Burlington.