Crazy ending in BC!

I wonder how many folks just caught the crazy ending just now...a botched hold on a 30-yard FG attempt by the Esks' Jason Johnson contrbuted to the 30-28 BC win (good news for the Cats).

Danny Maciocia opted to go for a second-down attempt with 17 seconds on the clock. A good idea -- allowing for a downed play off a bad snap or hold and subsequent try on third down -- had the Esks not whittled off the remaining time on the clock before the play had ended. A special teams disaster worthy of a Jerome Erdman sideline grimace...but that's another thread. :wink:

That is the REAL McCoy! Probably more capable of special teams insight in how to spring returners than a lot of coaches given the new blocking rules...:smiley:

Props to JerkfacedLoser -- I had to pre-empt him...LOL :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Good coaching decision, you never leave time for the other team to win the game especially in the CFL.

I agree with the decision, Crash, but the fact is they let the clock run down, nullifying the advantage of downing the ball on a muffed play.

As far as I know, they still had their timeout available. Did I miss their timeout?

Forget the clock. The holder Jason Johnson is to blame. The snapped ball only hit him in the hands.

An Argo fan

The snap was perfect.

Strange ending to a great game.

Well done!
I missed the game anyway.
Too busy watching ************ snakes on a ************ plane!

Good idea by the coach, bad decision by lettign the clock down.
Lions had 14 of the 30 points off their D. Eskis had 9 sacks in the game. And Dickenson didn't look that sharp when he was in. I would go with the odds, run the 2nd down, if you miss go for it on the 3rd down (and try to run down the clock then). If you make it on the 1st attemp, you have your D to win it.

It was just strange. Ah well.. I was glad the lions won (I picked them in fantasy football).

Missed the game. Is it true that Ray threw 2 pics that went back for TD's ? If so, we're not the only team w/ Qb problems.

Yes it's true. Barron Miles is a lock for Defensive Player of the Year. He is a huge playmaker (8 picks to date) and teamed with Korey Banks is just plain scary in the BC secondary!

Oski Wee Wee,

I disagree. You take the points when you can get them. Once in field goal range they should have called timeout with 17 seconds. Line up the kick on 2nd down, if there's a screw up you still have time to redo it on 3rd. If you make the kick and there's say 13 seconds left on the clock, well, that's what you pay the defence for.

They could have called the timeout with 10 seconds left also, that would have been plenty of time.

For sure, Drexl. Even with a few ticks on the clock and the fact it is the Eskimos (read the Stegall Miracle TD earlier this year), I would have liked their odds in defending the lead.

Oski Wee Wee,