Craziest Day in Sports - July 3, 2018

  1. Mike O'Shea caught babbling incoherently on a live microphone during CJOB Winnipeg call-in show

  2. Eugenie Bouchard wins an actual Wimbledon match vs. a superior trained U.K. athlete, Gabby Taylor - Genie wins first set 6-0, takes a vicious dump in 2nd set and finally able to subdue an obviously nervous Taylor in final set.

  3. Jose Whifftista (formerly Bautista) gets rousing reception from approx. 15,000 BJ fans then proceeds to show his stuff - begging 4 walks and supplying a timely error in the outfield; allowing a feeble Jays lineup to overcome a late 5-1 lead and actually take a 2-run lead into the top of the 9th.

  4. England wins an elimination game in World Cup soccer. King Harry Kane scores a reg. time goal and then hits the 1st penalty kick in OT after Colombia scores a late goal with less than a minute left in penalty time to tie the damn thing.

  5. Brooke "Bogey" Henderson trips up in final round at LPGA major on weekend, allowing 3 or 4 players to surpass her - as Brook fires off a horrid 74 to finish T6

  6. Muckracker Bob McCown returns to Prime Time Sports on Rogers TV - having a great segment with Richard Deitsch and truculent Brian Burke. Burke is a great presence - when he wants to be!

  7. Maria Sharapove, the 6'2", perfect English speaking fashion model who plays out of Russia, is squashed by my new girlfriend Vitalia Diatchenko- who makes both Sharapova and Eugenie Bouchard look like Sarah Sanders identical twins. (OK, nothing is quite that ugly)