Crawford gets a new number

After some cuts were made today, they brought London in and changed his number to 17, telling him he had earned it. I hope he continues to do well for our team.

Welcome to the site and good luck to him!! I hope he has a long and successful career here. 17 is a great number :smiley:

Thank you.

Yes, welcome Ticat daddy!

Not sure how familiar you are with this website, but if you haven't found this, here's the link to TICATS TV, the video section with daily updates from camp and some player profiles

I like 17 a lot. Best number 17 Ticat ever IMO is Ken Evraire.

Now there's a guy who could give Peter a run for his money on humour. We had him as guest speaker at two of our kids' elementary school "Moving Ahead" ceremonies. He became a sports broadcaster up here after retiring, and his niece and nephew went to the school. Absolutely hilarious.

Yes great guy with a great sense of humour. 92 was his career best season and also my first as a season ticket holder. Loved watching him play. Great at grabbing deep passes over the middle. I read on his wiki page that he works for CTV now in Ottawa.

Rufus Crawford will ALWAYS be #21

Ended up there when they bought A Channel.

He was one of my favourites. Was very disappointed when he ended up in Ottawa. Hard to cheer against him at the Ticats games here.

And this, Ticat daddy, is how unmoderated threads get hijacked.

Hope your son does well and has a great experience regardless of the outcome.

:oops: sorry

Ditto. I take the fact that they offered him his new number to be a good sign. Fingers croseed for him.

I just realized he is London's father.. duh on me. My apologies for hijacking this thread. I myself even complain at times about all the off topic posts and then get caught up in it myself with the memory of an old player that wore 17.

Best of luck to your son. One thing I can say for sure is that if Obie (the GM) wanted your son in camp there must be something remarkable about him.

Kind regards and sorry again.

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. My wife, two little boys, and I are going to get to attend 4 or 5 games in Hamilton this year. We are all looking forward to our trip to your great city.


Are you that confident London will make the team, or were you planning on attending games regardless?

Haven’t made it out to camp yet, but from what im hearing hes looking great. Hope he keeps it up and gets a chance to shine in the preseason.

It tool over 2 days since this number change was first mentioned here but now it has really happened. The roster lists him as #17.

Spec says he's been hurt. Hope it's not too bad.

A number of players missed Friday morning’s practice session due to injury. Defensive end Stevie Baggs, receivers Dave Stala, Chris Williams and London Crawford, linebackers Yannick Carter and Brandon Denson, as well as defensive backs Ray Wladichuk and Daniel Francis, all sat out. But Bellefeuille said none of the injuries are serious. “For the guys that have been to rookie camp, this is their 14th practice in nine days, so that has an impact on them and they start to wear down,?
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I too hope your son isn't seriously hurt and that he can show what he can do in the pre-season games. Best of luck to him. :slight_smile:

Here he is, Ticat Daddy, wearing his new #17 practice jersey and meeting fans after Saturday's Black and Gold Day scrimmage (Photo 16):

Nice of you to do so, ottawacat. Here is a link to the specific photo rather than the whole gallery:

[url=] ... 242614.jpg[/url]