Craver Has To Go, No Buts About It!!

3 TDS for Calvillo basically all against Craver, this guy is horrible and has to go, no buts about it!!


He is not the only one that should go. How about that offensive genius Kelly ?? And Bauer is useless. He is the one that brought this circus to town.

I for one, support the motion. 90-100% of Bomber fans loved the living hell out of Kelly when he was picked up to be HC, but the only good thing he's done from what I can see is bring in Sideeq Shabazz. Other then that, he's made crappy trades, crappy releases, put 150% faith in Lefors who just isn't good at all, said countless stupid thing's, one of his scouts got caught spying, would not shake MB's hand after Hamilton won, and has a 2-5 record already. I can't stand this guy and he's not even coaching my team.

yes craver has been getting beat but he has also had some moments. i think brandon stewart should start at his plave in the meantime... the real issue with this team is kelly. at first i was optimistic, then i was accepting.. now im ticked... horrible decisions... those early turnovers really hurt us... and remember kelly's quote earlier this season when he released ramonce taylor... "its ok anyone can return kicks" apparently not so mr kelly... and apparently your style of this offense isnt fit for this decade either. its time for some changes in bomber land enough is enough... im finally ready to admit the naysayers were right!

You know housedog, you might be onto something.

For years, (Papa and Piggy will agree) I used to blame Taman for the lack of talent. Maybe it was Baur all along. How can a team go through so many Coaches and still be bad? Doug Berry got them to the Grey Cup only to be fired next year. Is Mike Kelly the Scape Goat? (Coach again?)

Hmmmm, all these years I've been calling for Tamans head. Maybe Ive been calling out the wrong guy. Maybe Baurs the Clown running the "Circus".

Craver got picked on last night, but he also registered an INT. And unless my memory is wonky, how was he responsible for three Montreal TDs? He's a corner. Two TDs were to slotbacks, and one to a fullback. Was he rotating into coverage?

good observation discipline the two td's to the slotbacks i believe just after the ball was released craver was just running to to try and help out... well on the one anyways.. the other he may have dropped into inside coverage but i cant quite remember.. but either way his coverage is usually decent.. he has been beat a few times but with the high risk high reward style of the bomber secondary that will happen now and then