Crappy Seats at 100th Grey Cup = REFUND

Was anybody else dissapointed in their seats for the Grey Cup? We were unfortunate enough to get "Premium" seats in the 3rd row of section 109 for the Grey Cup. We couldn't see the game at all because of how low to the field level the seats were and having the electronic advertisement boards, players bench and cheerleaders in our way with their "shhhhhhh!" signs. It was absolutely radiculous that these seats were even sold, never mind as premium seats. We've complained to the Rogers Center, The CFL Committe, the CFL, Mark Cohon... everybody and we have yet to get any response back. There is no way we could be the only ones looking for a refund.

Nor will you get a refund. Read the back of your ticket.

Don't think I've ever read this on a sports discussion board before. :o

i made the mistake of sitting there earlier in the year.
same problem.

Not sure why your complaining on a CFL message board about your seats for the Grey Cup, get on with life

Those seats are not typically sold during the regular season and are usually tarped off with Argo signage. The slope of the 100 level seating is extremely shallow and generally favours baseball.

The first 10 rows or so of the 100 level are obstructed by sideline advertising, benches, players, cheerleaders, media and a TV equipment. TSN attached a flatscreen TV behind a camera truck as some measure of consolation.

They sold these seats for the 95th Grey Cup on 2007 as well. I don't think they should. They're worthless for football.

Perhaps he's wanting to see if other Grey Cup attendees had a similar experience. Actually his details were quite helpful for future reference. Joedavtav's comments lend support as well. When the Grey Cup was held in B.C. Place in 2011 the last row I would ever want to sit in would be Row A. While this is the closest row to the field, you cannot see over the players standing, you cannot see what's happening across the field and the camera guy on the big cart kept getting in the way. And yet those seats were being sold for hundreds of dollars. How anyone from out of town would know how bad the seats were is anyone's guess. Sounds like this guy had a similar experience in Toronto.

This is a joke, right? If you're lucky enough to have gone to the 100th Grey Cup...then you're lucky enough.

I was sitting in the 500 level. I could see the field well enough, but you are so far away its like watching a wide shot on a big screen tv. My biggest surprise was how narrow the seats are at that level. You have much wider seats lower down. I felt like I had more space with my old seat at Ivor Wynne.

I know a few people who were also unhappy with their seats at Grey Cup. They complained to Jason The Argonaut and received a partial refund - - about 70% of their ticket cost. Jason is in charge of handling all the Grey Cup complaints/refunds. Contact him at the following address:

Jason The Argonaut
Rogers Centre
G0G 0G0

Best seat at the Skydome is the one in your living room, the worst seat is any seat in the building. Anyone who pays for tickets to a football game in that dump would be better off burning the money; same result with more entertainment value.

I have been to concerts, Argos games and Blue Jays games and the only thing that venue (and I use the term loosely) is good for at all is baseball and it's not the best for that. People have been complaining about that dive for years and when the Argos had the chance to get out they balked. Now they have nowhere else to play and are stuck there. They wonder why they can't get fans to the games, play in a football freindly stadium and they'll see a change in attendance.

I don't know what your issue is. I was way up in the 500's on the 10 yardline and I liked the view. It isn't much different than the view from the 200 level in Regina. Atmosphere is the problem, not the seats themselves.

The Argos must love fans like you.

This is precisely the reason why the crapdome is the worst place to see a sporting event.

I completely agree with you. I too was in the 500s around the 20 yrd line though, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good the view was.

As for the people calling Skydome a dump... It's a palace compared to Mosaic Stadium in Regina. People definitely do not go to Rider games for comfort. It's at least a 10 min wait for concessions, bathrooms usually have long lines (men's and women's), and the liquor lines get pretty long too... Yet we pack the stadium because the atmosphere is fantastic and going to see a game has worked it's way into the cultural mindset now.

A nicer, more comfortable, and better-planned facility would definitely be great (2017 can't come soon enough), but it's not something that should stop so many from going. I'd love it if we had the Skydome in Regina. Sure it's not perfect and has baseball issues, but it'd still be a great facility if the atmosphere in the stands were better (no offence to the Argos fans who already go and give it their all at the games).

The original poster has a valid point. If you are paying big money for tix to the Grey Cup and are not informed by ticket master that the seats are obstructed view seating, he should be entitled to some of his money back. As far as I know (from watching on TV) the first few rows behind the bench are usually tarped off (aka obstructed seating). To sell them as regular seats for the GC without informing the custoemr is pretty misleading by the Argos/Ticketmaster.

That's what they said about Exhibition Stadium!!
Taxpayers gave them a new stadium that has highway access, on a subway line, train line, bus route, streetcar route, retractable roof for bad weather and they still complain.

I guess it's all perspective. I've had season's tickets in both the Skydump and Ex stadium. I will take the Ex everytime over the Dump. Hell, I'll take every stadium I've been in over the Dump. First, I find the seats too narrow. I'm not fat, but i'm not skinny either.... If you sit below the 20th row, your view will be crappy, unless you're midfield. The bottom tier, where the most people can sit, is only accessed by 2 main doors. This means line-ups most of the time ! Then comes my favourite feature, the security. I could write pages on the power-tripping morons who work there. This place very seldom gets my money, but I did attend the Vanier and GC this year.

I'm glad I'm not the only person who has dealt with the horrible security at the Dome. One time, a guard told me I couldn't go down from the 200 level to the 100 level to get food. He said moving down levels was prohibited. I said they didn't have all the food I wanted up on the 200 level, which they didn't, and he told me they did. I just walked to the next ramp and walked down (where the security guard didn't stop me or even look at me) and got my food. I had never heard of anything like that before. It was pure garbage. But I don't know if it is universal thing or if this one guard was just an a-hole. From the sounds of your post, what happened to me wasn't an isolated incident.

It wasn't an isolated incident, Blogskee. I have friends who weren't allowed to go to the CHEAPER seats. It happened to me with my young son, who just wanted to see what the view was like. At the recent Vanier Cup, my brother and I both commented on how much security and cops there were. The GC was worse. I don't know what they were expecting. Ever since the Dump opened it was like they didn't want you to have fun. In most stadium you don't even notice security until they're needed. I've watched those clowns wander around looking for the slightest infraction to stomp out. This is when there is not a lot a fans. You think they would encourage attendance, since their jobs depend on it, but I guess the need for power exceeds their need for a pay cheque.