Crappy kick-off rule, crappy ball?

What gives?

First of all, what positive goal were the CFL rule-makers hoping to achive?? The kick-off has now become the most dull play in the game of football because of constant whistles. A bunch of huge runs were chopped off because of this new rule. Did the rule-makers actually think this would amuse the fans??

New ball. Why?
The CFL was using the same ball for quite some time(30 years I think?) Why do we need to change it now? A bunch of quarterbacks were saying that it's horrible in the off-season. The CFL didnt even test it in minor leagues. Plus, they could have changed it during the season to benefit everyone.

The Rules committee which is made up of COACHES mostly made this decision. Cannot speak about the ball

The blocking rule on kicks was changed over a concern that as they stood the risk of injury was too great.
The league will reopen that issue this off season.
Expect them to return to a rule closer to, but not identical to the old rule.

The football is not the same ball that the CFL has used for 30 years.
I don't recall when the change was made, but the CFL changed from Spalding's JV5 to the Wilson balls.
Plus minute changes to the dimensions of the ball have been made periodically throughout the years.
The recent change to the stripe was made because players and coaches complained the painted stripe was to slick, especially in wet or cold conditions.
Turns out nobody liked the stitched stripe either, so again, the league will address that situation in the offseason.