He wasn’t as effective during his second stint here. Another retread but we’ll see what happens.

Clicked on his name in Grovers post and it already has him pencilled in for 7 sacks and 50+ tackles for 2019.
Would be nice but I don’t see him making our roster next season.

I think that’s because they wrote 2019 instead of 2009…

And I don’t see how he wouldn’t make our roster.

While we’re at it let’s see if Stevie Baggs and Garret McIntyre are available.

:-[ :-[

where are you getting this info? Not on, not on the roster, not on twitter or 3downnation, not on google news. The link you shared bring up an old roster thing that says he was signed as a FA in 2014

I heard this year that Hickman was working as a scout, I think it was for the Argos.

Not sure if news of this signing is accurate.

I’m thinking that perhaps you might’ve got yer wires crossed here Grover . Either that or it’s an early(late?) April’s fools joke . As of right now though I think we’re going to have to place this one in the “Fake News” files until further notice and confirmation . ???

  1. I sure hope that this is “Fake News” !! Hickman’s last season of his second stint with Hamilton
    was certainly not very inspiring, to say the least ::slight_smile:

In his last playing season with the Argos he was invisible out there, so much so that the Argos
chose not to re-sign him !! :-[

He hasn’t played in close to 2-3 years now, and he will be 34 by training camp time.

That ship has sailed !! If this is a true signing by the Cats, then they are a lot worse team than
I thought 2 weeks ago !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

The giveaway might be the reference to someone being signed to the practice roster. Pretty sure those rosters cease to exist as soon as the season ends.

It is fake, I got duped, so sorry folks :-[


For some reason I can’t even report it to the mods to have the stupid thing deleted

Would have been more believable a couple of months back when we were randomly signing retired ex-Ticats like Owens and McDaniel.

I probably wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t had those 4 beers! :o

I notified the mods

The link is missing - so not sure what this one was about. But I think a lock-down makes sense. PM me if you think otherwise.