Crap Attendance

17K in TO. Crap preseason attendance in Regina(regular season opener can be forgiving)7000 empty seats in Winnipeg.... 5000 empty seats in Montreal... 8000 empty seats in Calgary. The way things are going in BC... They miles we'll close the upper deck. Hamilton hasn't sold out their stadium (whenever it opens) The Esks made 30000 k, but that is 10k lower then 10 years ago. Ottawa will lead the east division in attendance this year,yet people thought the stadium was too small

Riders - floods and road accessibility issues, next game more indicative (pass)
Tiger-Cats - stadium readiness huge question mark, Guelph (pass)
Bombers - long term woes understandably chipped away fans resolve, will rebound/sellout next game (pass)
Montreal - fans adopt wait and see attitude w/ major roster/personnel changes, will increase as summer progresses (pass)
Esks - 30,000 is great for 4-14 team (pass)
Ottawa - sellouts likely throughout season (pass)
Calgary- somewhat worrisome for consistent winner yet declining attendance over the years. needs improvement (NI)
BC - same as Calgary (NI)

Only team that doesn't deserve a pass is Montreal. They have had great teams for a long time and no excuse to not get at least 23 k for a home opener. As for the Tiger Cats ,hopefully their stadium is ready or they will continue to take a bath financially.

I trust that you were in attendance at the Bomber game this weekend Bungle ? I mean you are a season ticket holder aren't you?

It comes down to people preferring to sit at home and watch all games on their large flat screen HD screens.
The challenge is getting people to the games. The problem is that if you don't get paying fans to the stadium there will be no football on the TV to watch.

It's discouraging early on but I think the labour issues before the season started had a effect on season ticket sales so we'll see how it trend later this year or even next season.

Also, it's a bi-product of the digital age we're living in. Better home viewing experience with the big HD TVs plus with the ability to watch sports on moblie devices brings the experience to the fan.

So question that would have an effect on the gate but many NFL, NCAA teams and MLB are feeling the same effects. Even movie theatres are feeling the pinch with bums in seats year. It's the digital era impacting the brick and mortar models as a whole IMO.

Labour talks have had absolute zero impact. That is a convenient excuse being floated on these boards. First off, nothing was impacted, both sides came to a agreement before any games were lost. People are smart enough to realize, labour disputes get tough at times but that's the way it goes. Attendance has been a issue in some cities, well before this year. Montreal, Calgary and BC have seen drops in attendance for the last few years. Hopefully BC and Calgary can get close to 30 k again and Montreal to at least 23k. But the excuses as to why are very weak.

I think the biggest reason for poor attendance is that the CFL is seen as second rate by a large portion of the population, particularly in Toronto. The league needs to promote the pursuit of the Grey Cup as Canada's national championship more. That would build rivalries and make people from coast to coast care more about who wins it. This is one reason I believe that an east coast team is so important. Promote the hell out of the Grey Cup, remind people of it's rich history and it's position as the reward for the best team in this country playing a unique game with unique rules. Separate it from the Super Bowl as much as possible.

The Stanley Cup is seen as almost a sacred object in Canada and I feel that the Grey Cup needs to be seen in a similar light.

I'm not so sure about that. I think the labour talks had some impact, particularly when it came to selling season tickets. I'm sure there were a number of people in each city that reconsidered purchasing season tickets at full price with the potential of a strike looming on the horizon. Especially with the bitter taste of the NHL labour strife still in their mouths a few fans just didn't want to have to sit through that again. The true impact would be hard to quantify as there are other factor to consider. Winnipeg for instance is partly down because the bandwagon jumpers who wanted to say they were there for the first year of the stadium but the lousy record and yet another rebuild of the coaching staff and roster also drove fans away.

Winnipeg is down due to Joe Mack and the Board members being inept and just terrible moves all around. Wade Miller is doing a great job with the fan experience and the club actually resembles a pro team. If the Bombers keep playing well, the team will be around 30 k per game.

Well with the mess in Hamilton that sure won't help the league average much.

When the figures are in for the whole year might as well just put a big asterik at the end and hit the reset button on 2015

The high price of gas and food increases is taking a toll. Everything is down. Retail and entertainment the most. Theatres are down 20 percent. Apparel business is down 13 percent... Has nothing to do with the CFL or the product. First thing people cut are luxuries.

Why was Hamilton so quick to tear down IWS ? As bad as Winnipeg's mess was, we still had the old stadium as plan B and had crowds of 28 k. How will they work out which tickets they will honour out of the 24 k sold for the first 2 games? They will have 18k pissed of fans. They are not adding any seating for the games being played at MAC .

Why were they so quick to tear down IWS???? because THF is on the same site !!

OK. I'm guessing Bob Young is contacting his lawyers and lawsuits should be flying?

I tend to agree the contract issues had an effect. I know a few people who have become a little disenchanted, but will likely gain more interest by LD. There are a lot of contributing factors to it. Tangled laid it out well, also

  • as mentioned...high travel prices promote more people to stay home
  • people seem to be on their last nerve with stadium concerns in Hamilton and not willing to buy in until they see it. There has also been insane player turnover. High rotation of players is frustrating for a lot of fans...for better or worse.
  • Bombers have amazing fan support for the past few seasons they have endured...great fans!
  • Stamps...IMO the stadium is an issue along with a changing demographic. They need to do a little better at both marketing the game and getting it out there that there have been some facility upgrades. the amazing city of Calgary, it shocks me that a new stadium has not been done.
  • Edmonton has suffered some bad teams and I think a lot of fans feel a bit betrayed by some of the management moves. win or lose, Hervey has some mending to do over last season IMO.
  • Rider attendance was down because the province basically rained for a month straight minus some intermittent sun, and will not meet attendance of last season...the seats are removed. They need to have a good game or 2 after the Argo beatdown last week and now Anderson's departure, or they may have issues selling out the stadium other than LD. There has been so much turnover I am amazed they sold out season tickets

BC and Montreal are a little concerning...moreso BC. The Als are rebuilding a bit, so it is understandable

Hamilton I think will be a big concern now that the first two games are lost. I'm really afraid this is going to push the team back to the 2000s in attendance.

It's going to be a challenge in the Hammer no question, a lot of fans who were pushed into thinking the stadium would be ready are going to be pissed big time. The Cats will pay the price for this in the next few seasons with a loss in season ticket sales because of what is perceived as "dishonesty" even though it was quite easy to see that the stadium timeline was way too tight. One of the main reasons I didn't renew this year, way too many uncertainties. But some people didn't realize that. It's going to cost no question in fan loyalty. Almost a "yikes" here. :o

I think the lure of a new stadium will give people short memories and by the sounds of things,the Ticats were mislead about when the stadium would be ready.

Yeah...that is concerning....BUT they started out the same last year and ended up having a heck of a ride. If people can accept that this team had massive rebuilding again this year, I think they will be ok. it i a good year to be starting out on the road lots...the new stadium should draw better crowds in itself out of curiosity, and if they can mimic last season's turnaround then how they are playing late will fill it. That is a huge question mark though, because the OL needs to improve for that to happen.

The stadium not being ready...yeah...that could be crippling though...time will tell. People who have tickets they can't use may not return...can't blame them