Crap all over the sidelines

I’m sick of seeing crap such as bags and tables strewn all over the sidelines during games. Someday a player is going to get seriously injured getting tangled in these things while being pushed out of bounds at full speed. Printers’ collision with the table and steel chairs tonight should be a wake up call to the league. There should be at least a five yard restraining zone from the field for inanimate objects. This includes all of those prop-up ads that players continually have to hurdle when plays take them out of bounds.

I laughed when I saw it happen then I cringed on the replay that couldn't have been fun for him.

I dont usually support anything union, but I would support cflpa if they were to refuse to play when the sidelines are not safe in their oppinion.

Eskimo medical staff found a fractured leg on the play. That table is out 6-8 weeks after that hit.

In all seriousness, I too think it’s silly that the table and chairs were so close to the field of play, Commonwealth probably has the most room to accommodate something like that due to the track, there’s no reason for it to be so close.

Next game at Commonweath will be TLC match... Tables, Ladders and Chairs!.... :lol:

:lol: You guys are too much.

I'm not worried about tables and stuff at Empire so much as the actual stands. I don't know if you guys can see on TV, but there is not a whole lot of space between the sidelines and the stands. Someone getting pushed at full speed could easily plow right into them and do some serious damage to themselves.

I'm sitting behind the Lions bench and it's like I could reach out and ruffle Wally's hair.

Whatever you do, don't mess with the hair... lol

you would think they would have enough sense to put padding all around a la arena league

A 2-4 of Pil if I do it next game? :lol:

Sure, but I don't deliver... :stuck_out_tongue:

Cash on delivery?

You must have really long arms since Wally boy is always 5 yards on the field of play :wink: Now if only Joe Smith still played for the Lions, you could probably lose a 12 of beer in that nest of hair.