Sorry but Crandell is not looking good again now I know im gonna get called a Crandell hater but come on he can hit everything but the reciever

Hes hot and cold, one pass is fine next is bad. Wanting Durrant to come back.

I will take Jyles at this point Crandell looks lost I dont buy this crap about chemistry now he has plenty of time also Palmer is not helping him look good I keep hearing everyone sy stuff about Fantuz last year but I dont think Miller has the Gusto that Austin did to whip Fantuz into shape The Riders have a big hole to climb out of in the second half and unless Crandell plays the next 2 quarters very very well he should be sidelined we have talent waiting to play and I dont care if anyone calls me a Crandell hater just watch the game and you will see what I mean


Ok someone phone coach Miller and tell him to put Jyles in.

for the rest of the game.

Don't know what to really say other than Crandel has only looked good in one quarter out of the last 6 he has played (bringing back memories of Nelon)

The guys still seem like they are on their break. Offense and defence. both
great now Lloyd is on the turff.

Defence is on the field too long, they are getting worn down.

Crandell needs to be fired, this was his chance while Durrant was down to prove that he is a starter and that this is his team. I think all he is proving is that he is not into the game.

trade him to Ottawa. :oops:

Like i said in another thread crandell is not going to lead this team, he's a back up quality, he will not be in the next game and some, sorry crandell fans but he is not a starter and has shown it once again. 2 losses ouch!

Defense can't even walk now they are so tierd.

Never been a fan of Crandell. At the start of the year I was concerned about him being the starter.

Just to stir the pot a bit, is Bishop still on waivers?

no bishop was on 48hrs I think and I would way rather have Durant that Bishop

I agree with that. Durant has looked great as a starter.

Even if Durant was equally bad as Crandell, he's only 25. At least he MIGHT get better.

At 25, inconsistency is called "potential".

At 34, it's called "end of the road".

Yup. I've supported Crandell and felt he just needed to get timing with his receivers. I was wrong. He looked horrible tonight. Worst I've ever seen him.

Is Durant gonna be back for labour day????

I sure hope so I guess we will find out from Miller soon