I just want to say...... before we all jump on the Crandell taking us to the Grey Cup wagon, we still got ALONG way to go.. but its a start....

we havent beat any of the big boys yet and we are certainly gonna get our chance with the upcoming schedule...Crandell at least gaves us a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel..lets hope he can keep it up :slight_smile:

It's about time DB came to his senses and started Crandell.Good Job.

I think alot of the QB position is just mental. Alot of these black kids would rather play for Danny and Roy than most teams in the league. Calgary was just a gong show when he played there.

If he gets some support for the O-line, receivers , Defence and the community............he might be OK.

Crandell did do a good job, in the 2nd half. I think that w/ the outcome of this game the Rider's confidence is a lot higher. I hope that that can carry over to their game in Wpg. next week.

The d-line was very impressive as well even though they were missing three veteran players! I liked how they stopped the BB right at the goal line, even after the BB got a fresh set of downs. Although, it shouldn't have even come to that, that's a bad time to get a penalty.

What I wasn't impressed w/ was McCallum trying to be a hero! That was a bad move. I liked the fact that he saw the opportunity & took it, but you gotta actually follow through & finish the play rather than turn the ball over!

Sorry this thread was about Crandell, I kinda went off topic.

but after all this you all know that DB will probably start Greene on Saturday

I think you mean "gives us a flicker ..." or maybe even "gave us a flicker ...". Gaves is just wrong. Maybe take some grade school upgrading. I'm sure they offer it at the local College.

Note to all posters.
Please PM all posts to EE for proof reading.
Do not post unless he has proofed your copy.
That is all.
Seriously, typos happen all the time on the net. There am be many too mistakes in this postem as wellish.

ya i like Crandell at QB, at least he spreads the ball around the field unlike some other QB :wink: i hope EE doesnt grade me or tell me to go 2 skool :oops: jk :stuck_out_tongue:

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PostPosted: Sep 04, 2005 - 09:41 PM
I read all the time on the forums Rider fans crying about bad calls causing them to loose games.

If any call was bad this year it was Stegalls touchdown that was called off. AND Kieth's diving touchdown which he didn't come close to making.

Riders sure had the ref's in their pockets tonight.

Well well EE since you are so busy correcting me.....all I had to do was look up your original trash talk post and Viola!!!

Causing them to loose Games? that in your grammar book? loose games? I hope to hell you carry that book around with you.
AND kieths diving touchdown? is that a new player for the Riders? I know we have a Keith but never heard of this guy...

You say you attended the U of M? graduate? honors? Degree?
or did you mean to say U of M ...University Of Moron?
and you are working for whom did you say? I seemed to have missed that

Shame on you!!! ...A supposed highly educated person like yourself making 2 blunders in a trash talking post, then telling ME I need to go back to school.

I just read in the LeaderPost that Crandell is starting for this week's game, too.

By the way, Dentor, I love the "Viola!!!" on your post! :smiley: I'm not taking sides between you and EE, it just made me laugh. I think we all see (and post) with numerous spelling mistakes, some worse than others.

Enough said about that. Hope you and EE can put your spelling contest to rest and just enjoy the discussion. :lol:

Go Riders!

Heh... .its funny how these guys get caught up in there own trap ....anyway

I fully expected him to start I just hope he can carry on where he left off...everyone had predicted a split so i wont be too dissapointed IF we lose ...we never play that well in the Peg, and the Bombers will be ummmm..pi$$ed

Remember fans we seem to play better when we are under the

All I have to say is many grey cups has Danny won as a QB ? How many has Neleon won and how many has Marcus won....
Nobody thought he was any good 3 years ago when he won it all.
Then the Riders stole all the good talent off the Stamps roster...and Crandall had to play fo rthe Owner who bought his son a team for Christmas then Dunigan (who IMO is an idiot) ..anyone see him at half time talking about Rider fans having pops to celebrate the Labour day win... :x

We could still sneak into the playoffs with the D we have and if Marcel uses all the weapons on Offense things might be OK.
We are just lucky it is a 18 game season.

Why did he suck in Edmonton?
But you are right give him a chance what have got to lose.

Edmonton has no running back since Avery left town IMO...They acted like Jack-asses when they never let Pringle beat George Read's record. I tell you one thing, if you watched the game tonight Edmonton would have won if they had Pringle. Wet grass 3rd and 2 and ray is throwing deep. #rd and 1 and Ray can't make it...Edmonton is in trouble Their O line has issues and lack of a power runner like pringle makes them as predictable as the OLD Nealon Grenne Riders.
After we beat Winnipeg look out Esks.

Yes you are right their offense is suspect in the oline but they have a very good defense. And of course the Tucker factor!

crandell is way better than greene, at least he throws down field. he is our best chance at a grey cup victory.

All this talk about Crandell and his Grey Cup MVP. yes he got that. BUt come on let us be honest. That was a horrible game. I was there. It sucked, both teams sucked and both teams should not have been there. Crandell was just the guy that did something in a game where very little was done.

…very true soupman, we here in Calgary were conducting ticker tape parades after quickly forgetting the game itself was pretty bad and then come the next year we we’re like “WTF, this guy was the MVP?!”…

…Look, I think Crandell is a not bad QB, certainly a hell of a lot better than say, me, but not as good as say Joe Montana, just to establish a range here…a lot of his faults here I honestly don’t blame him for, he had OC’s that didn’t play to his strengths and little to no other players helping to support, except for maybe Boerichter who got the heck outta Dodge real quick…

…hopefully for you guys Barrett can create an atmosphere where Crandell perceives he is a starting QB and your OC designs a package to support that effort, Crandell will do o.k. then…

I only asked that he be given a chance...and now he has....I have no idea how he will do...

2 straight victories tells me hes doing something right and thats not turn over the ball....

Riders lack of a deep threat could hurt them as much as edm's lack of a running attack. ...only time will tell

When is Dominguez supposed to be back? If I remember correctly, he's not done for the season, but I haven't heard much about him. If we get him back, that would go a long way to addressing our lack of the deep threat. Then we'd just have to see if Crandell is any better at actually throwing the ball where it can be caught than Greene was.