Crandell to Start????

I know people might not like this but I didn’t like Crandell’s performance against the stamps last week. I was at the game and he got a lot of braeaks. That TD pass to Durant should have been picked and his one pick was a stupid decision. Then there was a play where he just turned and fired to Cates or Szarka and he didn’t even look and threw it into the turf. Crandell needs to pick it up next game or they should go back to Durant since he will be back this week or next week

The problem I have with Crandell is his lack of quickness. I really notice it on the play action fake.
He seems to take so long to boot-leg out and by the time he does he the defense seems to have reacted and is closing in on him. Once that happens the quaterback run option is limited. Durant on the other hand sells the play well and gets to the outside quickly and has room to run if he wants to. Durant seems to be able to throw on the run pretty good. Again the fact that you don’t have a defender right it your face on the naked boot-leg it must make the throw that much easier.

Just give him a couple weeks to get some chemistry with the new recievers, when he left, all the original recievers were still there, exept for D.J. Flick.

A lot of breaks? Hardly.

The receivers were dropping everything. MC didn't look bad. He definitely wasn't the problem. But, I'd rather see Durant when he's healthy.

Agree with Fantuz4life & OnRiders.

That chemistry is important. While Crandell didn't look stellar, most of the offensive struggles weren't his fault.

Edmonton is looking to be good form right now. Hopefully that bye week slowed some of their momentum while giving the Riders a well deserved breather.

Wtf? I wish people would stop blaming Crandell for everything that gord wrong!!! He's playing better then we all expected him to play, so he threw an INT so does every QB its part of the game.

Were you one of the people yelling for Jyles to come in?? I saw a couple people doing that.

I would have liked to see Jyles come in. It has nothing to do with Crandell playing bad, but with the lack of receivers we have, it would be nice to have a running threat out of the QB.

Finally this sounds like a Rider forum again. If people can't bitch about the starting quarterback and why he's worse than the backup, they start to get antsy and post about stupid shit like new stadiums.

Well, I for one am glad that that whole sorry experiment has come to an end. You can now resume your regularly scheduled broadcast. Stay tuned on the Main Forum for a thread about a CFL video game, and how awesome it would be to add it in as a secondary league on Madden '13.

Don't tell me that we have again become one of those teams where the backup qb is the most popular player on the team??? The best way to destroy chemistry. Go ahead, be part of the problem ...

well I believe we lost because we only really put it together in the last quarter and nearly came back to win but we looked horrible and with only 4 points to show a change to throw there D off a bit would have been nice but hey lifes still good where still #1 in the league and 1 loss going into week 9 rock on riders

I think there was just a brief hiatus of this status while Crandell was injured. Nobody in Regina knew what to do with themselves. All of those prepared speeches for phone calls to the post-game show about how much the starter sucks and how great the backup is...all of them had to be put on hold until now! However, with double-D injured, people have had to keep those calls on hold too.

Chill, the people yelling Jyles were probably drunk.