Crandell to be Starting QB for Sask - Tillman

Tillman said on the Radio that as of today, Crandell is the teams starter..

and then the other 3 will battle for #2.

there, end of story.

Yeah the Leader post said it yesterday Morning.

Who cares?

Hey, if its in the newpaper, it must be true.

Yikes, too bad for Rider fans. Looks like a basement finish this year :cry:

I bet you a sig bet that they will not be basement dwellers this year. Something along the Riders are the greatest/stamps are the greatest type thing.

I'll take that bet :rockin:

Finish as I see it,


screams basement :smiley:

That's not a bet I'd make with confidence... :lol:

you might have a point

if these guys were the only guys playing on their respective teams

Calgary’s QB’s are great on paper. But the first endzone pick Henry throws is going to ignite a QB controversy that will dog them all year.

And based on his time here, Henry does not like being thought of as anythig other than the unchallenged #1.

People people, lets not lose focus here. My opinion was that the Riders will be basement dwellers this year.
No matter how big a baby Hank is my point is that the Stamps,Lions and Eskies all have capable starter and back-ups.

I don't see this with the Riders. It doesn't matter how good your "D" or recievers are. A quality QB package is a MUST to win.

Not trying to incite Rider fans. But denial is an ugly thing :twisted:

Super bowls have been won with less that stellar QBs.

Not impossible for Crandell to be on a cup it???

If Nealon Greene can lead the Riders to an 11-7 record surely not everything relies upon the quarterback, does it?

I think we have a pretty solid team and Crandell shouldn't have to be amazing for the team to win games.

There's big question marks on all the teams in the West, so we'll see :slight_smile:

No not impossible for Crandell to be on a cup winner.As a back-up of course. Assuming the Riders find a better QB and can repeat.

PS: I wouldn't compare Eli Manning with Crandell, also less than stellar in the NFL is still better than Crandell any day.

While I think given the talent the riders currently have, Crandell could keep the team a winner. What I am afraid of if the riders have a season like Edmonton or BC or Toronto last year. If we lose Crandell for 5 to 6 games that could very easily be 5 or 6 loses. With Crandell backing up Joseph, I would have said it would be 5 or 6 wins.

With the recieving corps and the offensive line the riders have, all Crandell has to do is manage the offence and let his weapons do the work. they very well could have a 9-9 record this year... But if i were Crandell, I'd be praying that Dominguez can stay healthy this season.

Wes Cates is clearly no slouch either.

The riders will do just fine this year.

There defense should be about the same as last year, maybe better if we sign Omar Morgan.

Our o-line will be better with January rather then Jermese Jones. Our Recieving core is still awesome, Fantuz, Flick, Dominguez are studs, and the rest of the core is more then capable. Cates is great in the back field as a blocker, and a pretty good runner and pass catcher. And I think Crandell is capable of leading this team, and more then that mentoring some young QB's into starting positions.
So Stamp87 we have that bet. I'll be honest I thought you were 05 when I made that bet, just becuase I thought it would be great to see red with some green in his sig. But a stamps fan is a stamps fan, the bet is made.

We should sign Omarr. James Johnson, Omarr Morgan, and Eddie Davis = sick backfield.

Plus Lance Frazier. I personally think Frazier is a hell of a halfback. just has to stay healthy. and for me the jury is still out on Johnson. Despite the Grey Cup interceptions, he did get burned deep on that long td.