Crandell released

Crandell was finally released now the Riders can move on, like the guy but not as our starter did not like this plan from day one and knew it would eventually end this way, just glad its now and not when the season is almost done and Riders would be in trouble. Bishop and Durant will do well together.

Enjoy the grey cup ring. Those ones with the "S" on them are collectors items.

Rarest in the CFL. :oops:

how about rings :slight_smile:

They also release Washington. Not really suprising, he never showed me anything except in practice.

I feel bad for Marcus, I know we all threw him under the bus after last game, but imagine how he must feel. Oh well, that's sports I guess. Time to get ready for labour day!!!!

unfortunately i threw him under the bus at the start of the season, i knew this would end this way, nice guy and all but not a starting QB. his release and not trade was no suprise, not sure why he stinks as a starter but as a backup has done well in the past, just not enough

My thoughts too. I cringed when Crandell was made the starter. Not a good sign for him that the Riders couldn't work out a trade.

Looks like austinpowers needs to eat his dose of crow.

would this have happened if our top three receivers were not out?

Yes. Let's be honest here. He didn't look good in Game 1 vs Edmonton. And he didn't look good in Game 2 vs BC either - the game in which he injured his hammy.

Marcus is gone and thats a good thing he old with no upside at least Bishop can run with the ball and DD needs to see the field I dont mind losing if its entertaining but I was in Edmonton and I was ashamed at how the Riders played.Its pretty sad when the fans aremore fired up than the players!

They probably would have bought him some more time, and if he wasn't gone by LD he probably would eventually have been relegated to backup instead of released.

That's the scenario I would have expected given Durant's surprisingly solid play.

I'm with you DJ, I was not very happy with Carandel this year either, but from what I hear he is a really good guy, so it is too bad to see him go. But, if I'm not doing my job I could be let go as well, so I understand the move from the team's point of view. It would be nice to see him end up somewhere else, but I won't hold my breath....

The only reason i was happy when i heard this was because we were getting bishop.

I am happy Carandel is gone