Crandell playing time???

Hello Rider Nation,

I am happy that Crandell got some playing time last week, but he didn't really impress me.

The Grey Cup is 5 games away...we are lucky we have a tough QB, but what happens if he goes down?

Can the Riders win without KJ?


Crandell did ok… he threw some bad passes but did generate a touchdown drive.

Crandell will get more work this weekend and next and be ready to go come the playoffs.

If BC loses this weekend, Joseph plays both game unless they are either getting blown out or blowing the competion. Austin would still like to go into final weekend with a hope for 1st.

If BC wins, Crandall will likely get a half each game.

Of all the back-ups in the league, Crandell is close to the least amount of playing time. Maybe Dinwinnie has less, hey Roger I know how much you love Dinwinnie.

Here is a fact. Kevin Glenn is the lynchpin of the Bombers. If Dinwinnie is forced to play, even the Ti-Cats could pull off a victory.

Remember, Crandell was a CFL (Grey Cup) MVP...back in 2001.


No he wasn't. He was the Grey Cup MVP.

p o t a t o

p o t a’t o

Not quite. One is an award to the best player over the course of an entire season, one is an award to the best player in one game.