Crandell played like Crandell

Well it had to happen his expiry date is usually 7 games before he turns into a pumpkin. But it appears Crandell is playing like himself now. It was only a matter of time. I can hear rider fans now yelling is Durant ready! Time to send Crandell to the rider QB graveyard to say hi to Nylon Greene.
The upside is Durant is going to be the guy quicker then anyone thinks.

I will agree with you on that one, 05 with one exception. Crandell's receivers didn't help him out much last night, as Palmer dropped a catchable ball that might have set them up for a TD. Bowman dropped several catchable passes as well. The Riders as a team played very poorly last night.

Yes and hopefully Flick coming back might help. But Crandell was showing signs of his one hopper pass again last night. Some of those passes he through were uncatchable and those I would blame him for. The ones dropped by the receivers wel that goes on their heads. They must have caught the Copeland disease.

Yup, it's midnight and the coach has officially become a pumpkin. Durant is a young stud anyway and will be the man as soon as he's healthy.

If Durant was healthy, he would not have fared much better last night. The Rider receiving corps as it now stands could make any of the QBs look terrible.

True, but 7/24? I realize your receiving corps is very depleted but come on, those couldn't all be dropped balls, could they?

Well d&p, I counted at least 6 drops by Rider receiver last night, passes that were definitely catchable. Crandell did short hop about the same number as well. The blame can be split about 50/50 between receivers and Crandell on how brutal the offence performed last night.

Fair enough. Poor performance from both QB and receivers. Having watched the last Argos-Als game live, I know how dropped balls can really sabotage a quarterback's confidence.

I dont think Crandell played that horribly. He wasn't great, but he wasnt as bad as the numbers suggest. I agree with Sambo, I wasn't counting, but I saw quite a few catchable balls that were not caught.

I disagree. Durant will at least attack the line of scrimmage and make time for himself with his legs more than Crandell plus he's not afraid to go deep. There were some drops last night for sure but Crandell had some god awful throws. Also if there is the threat that the QB might run it's going to freeze LB's whenever there is a hand off/play action making it easier for Cates to run the ball.

Maybe if we had all of our talent back and these drop balls weren't an issue Crandell might be having some great games. But the way I see it the strategy has to change until our recievers smarten up and we need a more mobile QB.

Eskies were awesome last night from what I saw. Tough to say Crandell is a pumpkin because of that.

Offensively the Esks picked apart the middle of a defense that was exhausted and destroyed a very week D-line with their running attack. All the props to them in the world for what they did there.

Defensively the Esks just let the Riders implode on themselves and didn’t do anything spectacular, they were nothing more than average. Crandell and the receivers lost that game for the Riders.

Yes the receivers dropped balls, and yes, Crandell was throwing like his hands were covered with butter.

Neither one of these was the REAL problem though. Football games are won and lost in the trenches, and the Riders O-Line performed like a bunch of tired old men. No holes for Cates=no running game. No running game=Riders loss. Borne out by stats all season long. Actually, for multiple seasons.

Oh, and the D-Line couldn't have stopped a beach ball after the first quarter, which also didn't help.

The Riders have been a team that relies on the run (using the pass to supplement it) and on their defence for a number of years now.

Both of their strengths let them down. Simple as that.

I'm willing to give the D some slack, both this game and last, since they were on the field so much due to the unproductiveness of the offense. Give them a few longer rests while the O racks up some points and it improves their confidence and gives them time to discuss and make adjustments.

Crandell didn't look very good (I was at the game), but his receivers didn't help him out. That's been discussed a lot.

The only thing I'm not sure about is why everybody seems to think that Cates did so poorly. He had 77 yards rushing (5.5 yard average), and 56 yards passing for a total of 133 yards. That's not bad. Might not be quite as dominant a some of his other performances, and no touchdowns, but still a decent game, especially considering he had no help at all!

Crandell played just about what I expected of him at the start of the season. I repect Eric Tillman and Coach Miller but I really wondered at the start of the season how they blew up Crandell to be as good as Joseph. Maybe from what Joseph has showed this year they are somewhat correct. Of course Joseph can elivate his game by running the ball more, Crandell can’t.
IMO Regina is fortunate Durant looks like he could be a CFL starter when healthy.
Maybe Eric knew this all along.

You could see the whole team sink when they were marching down the field in second quarter only to have the drive stalled on a penality. They did another 2nd and long lets try a dump pass and that was it.

The offense sagged and the defence was forced to try and keep them in the game.

You are right about Cates success = wins. But you can't hang all running game troubles on the O-line. The QB plays a big part of that too.

If you can go back and watch the game, watch how hard the Eskies defensive ends were crashing down into the middle on running plays, because they didn't have to respect the corner - Marcus is really no threat to pull the ball out and beat anybody wide, so all of a sudden they can cheat inside and now the O-line has an extra body in there that should not be, taking up an extra gap, and making a lineman put a body on him, meaning one more linebacker is free to fill and make the stop.

With a more mobile QB, if that play side end doesn't stay wide, the QB will pull the ball back and fry him. Do that once or twice, he's got to respect the corner, meaning one less body in the box, freeing up a lineman to get to the second level and take on a lb.

I agree with you artie the threat at QB is not there like it was last year. So if there is going to be a run it is coming with Cates. And as you can see it changes the strategy of the offense. Durant might just change that besides it is tough for those new wide receivers to catch balls thrown at their feet. MC is now showing his real game face.

I never thought Crandell was all that good, even when he was with the Stamps, and he was fairly mobile then. Now it seems like he's gotten older and less willing to get first downs with his legs, and I was stunned when the Riders chose him as their #1 QB. Durant should be their guy once he's ready.

As for the Rider defence, they played well the whole game, considering the fact that they played THE WHOLE GAME! I don't think any play was more indicative of their fatigue than the one where Ray ran back and forth a few times and had nearly all night to watch his receivers run around as defenders were falling all over the field. Credit belongs to the Rider secondary who forced Ray to pick up the first down on his own.

I agree Dave. But oddly enough the time of possession only favoured the Esks by 3 minutes.