Crandell is ready...?

I had a little chat with Crandell on the weekend and he seems ready to go, but I can sense a little nervousness. If he fails, his career will be over. Is Crandell ready for this opportunity? or is Crandell already passed his prime?

Also, what do you believe to be Crandell's strongest attribute?

If he fails, I hardly think it'd be the end of his career. He'd still make a good back-up.

Good luck to him!

His salary.

Seriously, though, it is probably the mental side of things - run a good huddle, don't get rattled, make good pre-snap reads, get the ball out quick to the right guy.

He's not gonna dazzle anyone with a cannon arm or magic feet.

If Crandell isn't ready for this opportunity, then his career is already over....

I believe its a good thing that he is a little nervous, it means that he is ready for this opprotunity.

rather him be nervous than cocky ... can think of one such QB that made his return last season ... I havent watched him threw his entire career but i think when hes on his game hes an accurate passer with a perfect spiral, none of the insane wabble passes made by Joseph last year.

I agree! Crandell is mot accurate then KJ, the only thing we really lost when we traded KJ is a class act, and a great athlete. So, you better believe Crandell is ready!

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I agree that Crandell has a great ability as an accurate passer. He has come through in pressure situations before. But, having met Crandell in person this winter, I have to say (and I apologize for my sexism) that his best attribute is his killer smile. Dead sexy.

He might be our best hope for next year. Seems like we are going to run with what we have and are not looking to sign anyone else.

Hopefully it works out

Crandell is not going to throw as deep as KJ but he'll be more accurate. I think Crandell's best asset is his quick release and ability to read defenses. He won't have to run or throw the ball away as much because he can make those quick reads and the necessary pre-snap adjustments. Age and lack of playing time in recent years may be his biggest obstacle to overcome but there are two young guys waiting in the wings. Should be interesting.

Worry about Crandall being rusty. Not moving well. But Miller would have never OKed deal if he didnt believe Crandall is good fit for system. Agree with Greengiant. Young guys will be interesting. May make or break season. If Tillman and Miller are right about them trade was a good one. Cant wait for season to kickoff.

Miller doesn't exactly get to make the decisions regarding trades, austin...his "okay" would be nothing more than a token response.

Do you know that? Tillman said he never made a trade without talking to Austin. Said it like he would not make a trade if Austin was against it. Why would Miller be different with Coach Miller?

You do realize the GM makes the final decisions, right? Miller can object all he bloody well wants to, but if Tillman wants to make the trade, he's making the trade with or without Miller's "permission"...

Yes. But if Tillman SAID he wouldnt make trade Austin didnt like. Why would it be different with Coach Miller? And maybe sometimes he makes trades that is head coaches idea. I cant believe he would trade MVP qb if his head coach was against it.

Why not? Just because it's something you wouldn't do doesn't mean someone else wouldn't...I put nothing past anyone when it comes to business deals...and I know from experience that just because things happened a certain way in the past, it doesn't mean they'll continue that way in the future.

The point I was trying to make (and you're trying to rant against) is that the GM has the final decision...not the coach. Do I need to write it in sentence fragments so you'll understand it better?

Not ranting. You seem to be the 1 upset about something in the past. From your life. I just asked a simple question. Tillman himself said he would not make a deal Coach Austin was against. My question was why would it be different with Coach Miller?

Im sorry some one betrayed you. Or hurt you. But doesnt mean our gm did that to our coach. Or will do that to Coach Miller. Not trying to fight with you 02. Just saying I think Tillman hired Miller for same reason he hired Austin. They get along. They think the same on most football things.

lmao...I'm upset about something in my past because Tillman makes the final decisions? Dude, you need some serious work on your reading skills...

Tillman hired Miller for the job because he felt he was the most qualified to lead the team. As the GM, he makes the final decision on trades, whether he seeks a third party opinion or not. I'm really not sure how else I can word it...I don't particularly care whether he acted a certain way with Austin, or whether he'll carry forward that methodology with Miller - it doesn't make one iota of difference to the bottom line, which is that the head coach, unless acting as the GM also, does not make the final decision on trades.

Please do us all a favour, and leave the psychoanalysis to people qualified to do so...

Your exact words were I know from experience. You were talking about business deals. 02 what were you saying or implying? That some people go against their word. Based on what again? Your experience. Right?

I understand the gm has final say. I just believe Tillman would not trade Joseph without Miller wanting to. That is my opinion. Is it ok with you for me to have that opinion? But you want to make it a fight. Why? Because I asked 1 question. Why would Tillman be different with Miller than Austin. And like I said. The trade could have even been Miller wanted to trade Joseph. gm doing what coach wanted.

...and that means I'm bitter about something, just because I said I know from experience that the past doesn't always repeat itself? Wow...just wow...

How about giving up now, before you assume (incorrectly, again) that you know more about me than you actually do...