Crandell for ???????

sorry to say, but that isn’t happening.

where were all the “mobile, better arm” guys when we traded KJ? I recall the vast majority of fans defending the trade, and saying give the statuesque, weak armed guy a chance. Don’t seem to be any Crandell supporters left at all. Maybe I should have been taking names…?

Geez, Arius. The beginning of the year is not a freeze frame. A snapshot is not taken and the gods say that this is how the team will be for the rest of the year.

Management means making decisions and taking risks. It was a management decision to move KJ - for salary cap reasons - it was taking a risk (as with any player) that their assesssment of MC was not going to pan out like they hoped. Why is that such a sin? It happens all the time in business, in marriages, in personal decisions, in life. Ibet ET would be the first to admit that MC hasn't been working out like they had hoped - if he had been, there wouldn't even be a trade.

I don't mind saying that I was willing to give Crandall a shot (in fact, still am - see below) but if management considers that he has to go now and didn't before, so be it - they know the inside way better than I (or you) ever will. Over time, reassessments are made - and they are all made with imperfect information. It is a dynamic process, not a static one. I, for one, completely acknowledge that this trade is a risk, but there was also a risk with maintaining the status quo. You don't think there was at least the possibility/ some validity in analysts like Jock Climie who said he could see the Riders going 9 and 9? You didn't feel momentum shifting in the last three games (even though we pulled the 1st of those 3 out?)? ET must have done a cost-benefit analysis and I am sure that the result was not black vs. white, good vs. evil, right vs. wrong. But he must have come out on the side of MC's time is up (or at least we are better with MB here than not) or else he would not have done the trade.

I personally would have been just as good with no trade, give MC more time to gel with his new set of starting receivers, etc., if that is what management considered is best for the team. But that might not have resulted in wins. It obviously wasn't what they considered best.

Crandell will not be traded but released, no team will show interest in him.

I assume you are talking too me
Keep Crandell, Trade Bishop for a receiver.
Bishop adds nothing over Crandell, yet Bishop is here for one day and is expected to battle for #1 spot…right
So much for the team motto of respect and accountability
It’s LaPolice and Miller who miscalculated the talent and depth at receiver, Yet Crandell is the scapegoat…
Nice atmosphere after this move, remember, we brought in Bishop not Ricky Ray…
From the start of camp Miller praised Crandell,now Miller praises Bishop…WTF…SOMETHING STINKS IN RIDERVILLE

You or anyone. But I meant before picking up Bishop, what would you have done?

Trade for receivers. Bowman, Washington, Bagg, Palmer....and Childs????? , all inconstant or invisible.....Three weeks ago moves should have been made too add real depth at receiver...and i'm not talking Acree.....Nope, our coaches were caught sleeping,

I don't believe that there was any miscalculation of depth or talent at receiver. We're down to at least second string on 4 of 5 receiver positions, 3rd string at two of those 4, and god only knows what level Palmer is at.

No one can plan for that level of decimation in a receiving corps, so unless you've got a fully-stocked bomb shelter in your back yard, you're in no position to say anyone could have seen this coming.

How's this for wild-ass speculation:

Bishop is traded to Hamilton straight up, for Casey Printers, the deal being conditional on Printers re-working his contract with Saskatchewan. The Tabbies save a couple hundred grand on salary and have a QB to challenge Williams, while the Riders get two 20-something QB's with Printers and DD who can duke it out next year at camp.

No way should casey printers ever come here,over paid,arrogant,and not as good as the hype is,would rather get richie williams.Bishop will help this year allow durant to fully recover and step up to #1 spot

I'd take Printers over Bishop in a heartbeat.

So would i but only if i could get Printers at what we're paying Bishop