Crandell for ???????

If Crandell was traded, who would you like to get for him? I’d like to have Clermont.

That would be a fantastic deal!!
However, I think it more likely we would get as much as we gave to TO for Bishop--which is nothing....
Marcus doesn't have much value in a if we are about to release him anyway, something, anything, is better than nothing.

All the teams know he is going to be cut by now, hense his release and we get nothing. Its a harsh sport for players, being cut, and probaly very gard on Crandel. Doesn't he live here year round?

We'd be lucky to get Paul McCallum's jock strap.

I doubt Paul McCallum wears a jock strap. He's got nothing there that needs protecting. LOL!!

Unfortunately, we won't get nothing for Crandall.

If we cut Crandell does the rest of his salary still count against the CAP?

Not if we cut him before sept 1st. Maybe the club is looking at keeping him as a mentor to the young guns in the field?(QB coach)

I have been hearing a lot about how Sask got Bishop for nothing? Is Sask not paying him any money? What about future considerations? the term future considerations is as old as the game of pro football.

Anybody know Bishop`s sallary?

Crandell, Kornegay and another conditional draft pick to the Peg for Tom Canada...

That would be one expensive mentor.

No doubt. And I'm not sure how effective...."OK kids, gather round and I'll teach you how to one-hop this out pattern......"

But if he is kept on as a coach and not a player, his salary doesn't count in the SMS.

I’m not sure that would be the case.

If that were the scenario he would be cut as a player but join the club as a coach

I hope that happens, and I truely hope that Bishop is a one year stop gap, the trouble already caused isn't worth the draft pick in 2011.

That's funny cause its true.....grin

I am sure we are paying him--too much is my feeling--but of course that is not what is meant when we say "we got him for nothing". We gave up a conditional draft pick in the year 2011. In pro sports, that is the equivalent of a bag of old jock straps. Or as we say "nothing".

Crandell deserved better than being the scapegoat for back too back loses........Remember Miller is a rookie head coach, but who could ever scold a sweet old guy like Miller, Why not LaPolice ,look at that group of weapons Crandell had at his disposal last game, YUK........come on......easiest and the worst thing too do is pass the buck............NICE ONE ET.......

Curious. If you were the GM in the exact same situation on the weekend, what would you have done? After you respond, we'll see if whatever you say will be criticized. My point is that, to do nothing and management gets criticized. To do something, management gets criticized. Thus, they must necessarily follow their convictions, not the mob - gotta at least give the Riders brass that much.

I am pretty sure we were told that "the convictions" of the rider brass was that Crandell was the guy, any QB could play "within the system" Now those convictions appear to be that Crandell is not the guy, the QB does make a difference, despite the "system" and that maybe Bishop is "the guy". So when talking about convictions, which ones do you mean/
Those convictions seem more like conveniences to me at this time.
Anyway, if I were GM, I don't touch Bishop with a ten foot pole.
Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that we would trade away our MOP Grey Cup champion QB one year, then in the middle of the year, while sitting in 1st place, trade for a mediocre QB to replace our supposed starter. It boggles the mind. We had best finish in 1st place now. Anything less makes this trade stupid.....

Too me, it makes sense picking up Bishop. He's more mobile than Crandel, and also has a better arm. ( not as many 1 hopers thrown to wr's )... so maybe bishop will be a 'the guy'. however, i do not want this move to piss of durant enough to leave, he looks like he very well could be a good player for many years to come...

And as for Crandel, i still like the guy.. I just dont really care for him on the field when he cant just be an effective pez dispenser with talent all around. Although i do think a coaching position would suit him. Look at how amazing a coach richie hall has turned into ? - coaches all start somewhere, and i believe crandel started coaching when he got here many moon ago.