Crandell Demoted

Crandell to QB coach - Reed to call the plays.

Okay, so they aren't happy with the offence, so they demote Crandall from O/C to QB coach. Okay fine.

But now, they're going to have their head coach (Reed) call the plays during the game.

During his playing career, Crandall was a QB. During his playing career, Reed was a defensive back. In his coaching career, Reed was the defensive coordinator in Hamilton and in Toronto, and special teams coordinator in Saskatchewan.

So, between Crandall and Reed, based on their resumes, who is better qualified to call offensive plays?

Makes little sense to me. . . sort of like Winnipeg firing LaPolice because they didn't like the offence, and replacing him with Burke who admitted to knowing next to nothing about running an offence. . .

One would think that Baressi is in the spotters igloo to relay down calls of some sort..ect.
Reed [with inside talk/thoughts from the brass] has decided what is best at this point....till the end of the season IMO.
The Question still exists on what happens next? - a need for a 2013 QB leader -yup]....Marcel Bellefeuille? Maybe...ect.

OMG we've become the Argos!

I agree with MadJack. Reed is hardly more qualified to call OPlays... except that he's the coach and has to do something, they've lost 5 straight now. It is probably smart at this time not to release Crandell... if they are going to have a chance, better to keep the ship at least upright, even if they're slightly off course. QB coach might be an OK fit for Crandell.


What the hell is wrong with this organization? How is this going to be good for the team? If I'm Crandell, I give Reed the middle finger and don't return. If you wanna fire a guy because he's not performing, fine. But to demote your OC to the QB coach... Sweet Jesus. Either keep him or fire him. Don't start with this demotion nonsense.

I agree, Reed just poked Crandell in the eye. Instead of firing him, he publicly humiliates him.

They were basically driving in a car, and when Crandell asked Reed to stop because nature called, Crandell got out of the car and then Reed closed his door and hit the gas hard to take off and leave him by the side of the road.

Now Reed has to sink or swim on his own in attempting to run the offence.


Something has happened in E town besides the obvious, I honestly think that Reed has had one to many spazz attacks on his coaches and they have had enough of it . IMHO Reed has stuck his neck out way too far to protect Crandell and even he can't do it any longer without Tillman bringing the heat down on him, so to protect his arse he demoted Crandell. And then he will be let go at seasons end.
Reed and Crandell are pissed at Tillman cause he got rid of Ray who was probably telling Crandell how to run the Offence last year and is now left with 2 sub par QB's and he cant design a decent run game .
The coaching staff and GM need to get on the same page real quick or next year will be worse then this year.

That's a superb summary Oiler.

Slow-motion train wreck in progress? :?

Article from John Mackinnon in the Edmonton Journal; The voice in Josephs ear will still be that of Crandell, atleast that's what Reed said. In otherwords; Reed will communicate with Crandell, staying two or three plays ahead of things. On that note; 20 touches for Charles.........hasn't been done as of late. No run game = whitewater bobble.

If the Eskies lose, we make Crandell and Reed walk the plank in Tampa Bay perhaps?

I'm almost a little embarrassed to be a fan of this team right now...

This is nothing compared to the 60's, with the likes of Nice Neal, Chugboat Fulton and of course Randy Kerbow. We had a revolving door of the "next great quarterback". No need for embarassment, remember the next Tom Wilkinson could land on our doorstep at any time and Calgary is due to trade the next Danny Bass to us soon.