Crandell as the starting QB

Lets do something different, I know this is hindsight, but im ineterested in opinions. Lets say the Renegades are in the CFL and the Riders dont have Joesph or Armstead. They still have Holmes and Gordon. The QB starting job is given to Crandell and it is his to keep or lose during the season. He has training camp and the exhibition season to lead the Riders. Does Crandell lead them to the playoffs or do we finish last?

WHo Cares. That isn't the case, so really who cares.

But I say he does.

Im not asking if you care or not, im just curious to see if you think Crandell could have led the Riders to the playoffs or not


Nealon and Crandell combined only passed for 4200 yards last season. I know we run the ball alot and we were good at eating the clock but to make it in this league you have to have a guy who aleast has the potential for some 300 yards plus games.

I believe Crandell could've taken us to the playoffs, but anything beyond the West Semi-Final would've been a longshot.

hey u guys got joseph u who cares about him

Crandell would have taken the team to the playoffs (probably in the cross-over). You have to remember we would get Dominguez back.

running is a nice option ina qb but we needed a qb who could throw and run thus giving us joseph now im not knockin crandell a good year fer him is as far as 2nd round

I think we would do equally as shitty as we did last year. The team would offically be worse than we were last year due to losing Paul M. We would have made zero improvements. The team wasn't good enough to win the grey cup last year, prolly the same for this year then

i think it would have been a crossover

Joseph is the same guy who threw 3 or 4 interceprions to d-linemen lat year on screen plays, COME ON! since when is this guy the saviour to or Qb problem?

hes better then green

like what do you guys want payton manning to come down to the cfl plus if uve looked around the cfl no1 is realy the best damon allen is to old mass i think was a fluke.. ray only lobs it up the middle dickenson is a guy who blamed it all becuz i was hurt printers came to save his ass every week pretty much. burris throws 2 much off his back foot pics in big times. winnapeg kevin jones or who ever is too young.. calvio is just around great wide outs so i think b4 we start knockin him lets see what he dose then once he starts suckin lets kick his ass out the door

And even if Kerry Joseph stinks the bed, which he won’t, We’ll still have the League’s Best Rushing attack cause didn’t he run for 1006 yards, as a Quarterback??? with josh ranek…one of the premier backs in the cfl, and with one of the shittiest offensive lines in the league, Think what he’s going to be able to do with an actual offensive line. What more do the rider fans want? You want a good starting quarterback, Shivers goes out and gets one, and now your all pissed again. We need receivers, what does shivers do, goes out andgets Armstead and Fantuz, like come on some of you gus are just looking for an excuse to bash the riders. Yeah they lost McCallum to a pretty dumb situation, but who cares it’s a business we have to look at the grand scheme of things, does a candian kicker who can punt 30 yrds and is iffy on 35+ field goals really worth it? give the new guy a chance

jamie, Fanutz is not coming to sask, he is trying out the NFL, so Joseph wont have him to catch passes.

As much as i think Fanutz is a great reciever he will be a rider by mid season. He needs some work before he has a real shot at the NFL.

To actually get back to the topic posted, i think that if the riders got armstead in the draft and still had holmes, crandel is capable of taking this team into the playoffs with a home game. Take last season and add a 1st and 2nd reciever and take away the guy who would have been third and crandel has more options to throw to.

id like to see the riders take shots at the end zone early and then eat the clock up and pound the ball on the ground when they have a 14+ lead.

IMO You guys won't be seeing fantuz this year.

key word there is TRYING, detriot already has enough good receivers