Crandell a better QB than anyone has given him credit for?

Well, let's look here. The guy manages to win the GC with a less than par Calgary team, and Calgary really was horrible the last 4 years. Maybe he had absolutely nothing to work with there talentwise? Maybe behind the seens he wasn't comfortable in Calgary and this was holding back his true potential? The fans did let him have it pretty bad even when he single-handled won them a GC with a horrible team to work with, so that couldn't have done much for his confidence over the last few years.

Coming here to Sask now and being under Barrett and working with the team we got now might be the change he needs to blossom as a great QB. Barrett always takes the time to make the players feel welcome first off, and helps them as best as he can psychologically. Crandell really has had no trouble fitting in at all and is playing like he has known this offense for years. I guess leftovers are Barrett's specialty, let's hope it continues to work out.

That being said, with my loyalty to Greene, I see absolutely no problem with either QB now. They seem to work great together, Greene shows no ill will toward losing his job as starter and is as supportive as he was to Burris last year. Unlike Printers, a guy who is distant from his team and seems to be playing for himself and is still angry about the GC last year. I would not want Printers here in Sask at all. I feel confident in either Crandell or Greene playing for us at any time. Nothing left to do now but trust in them and watch and see how the last 6 games go.

I like what Marcus brings to the offence. With the recievers that the riders have throwing from the pocket is key. One thing I noticed, right from the first series, was he would not go through all of his checks. Right off the snap he was looking for the key reciever for the play. You could see an interception in the waiting. For the first time, I saw Marcus with “happy” feet. He looked a little nervous during the game. But, overall, he played well. Recievers caught everything they could, (even when they were being held and interfered with all game.)

One more thing, a lot of dropped balls are hurting Crandell's stats right now. But as long as we are winning I could care less that Sask is in the pits statswise.

It'd just be cooler if they weren't dropping those balls, at least not with that frequency. We might've not had to block a last-second kick to win the game, although this was a tougher kick for a much less experienced kicker, and was only to tie. But still, had we gone to OT again, that might've been too much on their psyche, maybe they would've choked. Glad we didn't have to find out.

I think Crandell will play well for this season and possibly the next, but i predict his performance will decline rapidly after that.

Well we lost out first game with Crandell, but it's not time to panic yet at least. I think getting Greene into some plays maybe 2nd and short would be good however. There's no question Crandell gets the start next week @ Edmonton though.

The guy made (1) major mistake.. the interception to karikari... we were up 3 points and marching in there territory. Other than that it was his best game by far...

I was impressed they used Szarka in the offense.. OH and BTW Holmes, lose the friggin dance cost us 2 TD's should be more worried about holding on to the ball and running the right routes...sorry I cannot stand showboating especially when you dont deserve it.

I was really impressed with Crandell yesterday. He looked confident, and you're right - he only made one big boo-boo - it was his receivers who (at times) let him down. He's only lost one - I'm definitely not panicking.

I agree Crandell did not get much credit in Cow town, I thought when he won that Greycup he was going to be the next great QB, seems like he never put all the pieces together in the next few seasons after the big game. Looks like he's finally managed to find all the pieces to that old puzzle.

Karikari was out of bounds when he caught that so the interception should not have counted. It wasn't Crandell's fault. There's a lot of guys who made mistakes. McCalla on the 2nd and 30 leaving his man, Keith grounding the ball on 2nd and goal at the end, settlign for the field goal on 3rd and goal when we were down 35-31, Holmes and his fumble early, the defense at the start of the game etc. I give Crandell a lot of credit for rebounding after being down 14-0 without having even stepped on the field yet. Then he came back again. And again, but you can only come back so much and we let Montreal burn us this game.

BTW next week in Edmonton is now a must win to avoid the crossover, so this better have been a good wake-up call for the guys to get their sh*t back together.

Crandell looks awesome!!! I can't beleive Sask. lost that game-but maybe-just maybe Montreal is that good.

Unrealriders, they ruled that Karikari was pushed out of bounds, iirc.....I couldn't tell from the replay, but if he WAS pushed, then it was the correct call.

The replay was not definate but you could see the Sask defender did have his hands on him just before.

Marcus Crandell is going to blossom into a great QB? Ok, and I'm going to sleep with Pamela Anderson tonight too. :slight_smile:

Crandell has played half a dozen decent games. It's time for him to go back to being................Marcus Crandell. You know, the guy who couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat.