Crandall demoted in Edmonton

Now just the QB coach.

Interesting move.

Kavis Reed is losing it.

Yup, Kavis is losing it, agree. Down, down, down for the Eskimos for the next little while, most people can see this for sure.

Okay, so they aren't happy with the offence, so they demote Crandall from O/C to QB coach. Okay fine.

But now, they're going to have their head coach (Reed) call the plays during the game.

During his playing career, Crandall was a QB. During his playing career, Reed was a defensive back. In his coaching career, Reed was the defensive coordinator in Hamilton and in Toronto, and special teams coordinator in Saskatchewan.

So, between Crandall and Reed, based on their resumes, who is better qualified to call offensive plays?

Makes little sense to me. . . sort of like Winnipeg firing LaPolice because they didn't like the offence, and replacing him with Burke who admitted to knowing next to nothing about running an offence. . .

Crandell is absolutely 100% to blame for the fact that neither Stephen Jyles nor Kerry Joseph nor Matt Nichols is Ricky Ray. :roll:

Haha. I like the direction that Tillman has led this team.

'The trade' is looking pretty bad right now. If Edmonton had Ray at the controls, you have to think they'd have at least two more wins and be right there in the race for the division title. Good job, Eric.

Yes, forgot the name Tillman in Edmonton. :wink: Talent wins before administration most times I will say.

Well let's hope ET as a master plan that will come together in the near future. Otherwise the Riders can have him back.

This smacks of desperation and if it doesn't pay off KR will be next. Trading Ray was and is the problem. The CFL is QB driven league and even with poor coaching a seasoned QB (with talent) can be a difference maker. This is ALL on Tillman.

You just don't trade away a good 32 year old QB to develop a QB of the future. I don't care what anybody thinks, the conspiracy against the Argos is true. The Ray trade, bringing Scott Milanovich over after he said he didn't want to leave Montreal to be a head coach, tampering to bring in Chris Jones and being fined only $5000... and of course the league investing $0.5 million dollars in the Argo's advertising campaign and their insurance-covered practice facility burning down in the middle of the night.

Maybe the Quebec construction industry is involved too?


Here come the tin-foil hats.

Forget I said anything! :lol: Back on topic guys...


The Eskimos President still thinks this was a good trade ! I'm liking picking up their first rounder more every week :slight_smile: Now if the Bombers could just win a couple games !

No thanks, we are happy right now.

Crandal was a below average PRO QB IMHO (yes better than yours truly) mind you many OC`s never played QB or even football for that matter...just sayin

...wha duh fuh?....

I don't care what Kavis says this is a demotion.