Craig Yeast

I wish he was still here ron lancaster was and idiot for cutting him.


It's Thanksgiving. Not April Fools Day.

Don't drink the Kool-Aid.

lol I'm Just Really bored

wow im pretty pissed this was even brought up cuz hes just guanna get ripped. He was my favourate player and the man had skills.

i have no clue why everyone hatted him but whatever he got treated like sh!t by lancaster and all the fans on hear. id take the man back in a heartbeat

go watch a bulldog game.It will bore you more!I have a ticket for friday I cant give it away!lol

I'll take it.

You're welcome.

As for Yeast, for some reason we were talking about him quite a bit during the Esks/blue team game. I didn't hate Yeast, quite the opposite. I thought he was very talented when he made the effort, but his attitude was a major problem. He was treated like crap by Lancaster, he cost himself the job by shooting his mouth off and by underachieving. He's a very nice fellow when he's not playing football, but put him on the field and it's all about him. Unfortunately, he wasn't the only one guilty of that last year.

go watch a bulldog game.It will bore you more!I have a ticket for friday I cant give it away!lol
LOL I'm not a bulldog fan at all it was the name of my football team and my number when i joined lol

Craig Yeast was an infection. He dropped passes, ran wrong routes and then pointed the finger at the QB.


The more we hear about Maas’ injuries, particularly the fact that they affected his play the ENTIRE time he was here, the more I wonder how many other people’s careers suffered for it. I’d group Yeast in with Flick, Vaughn and Marshall. Yeast was a better receiver than most of the current crew, and I never believed he stopped caring about the team. Quite the opposite, if I remember right he moved his family here before his last season and it seemed that the TV ad he did was meant to show that he was serious about helping this team to turn around. I also believe he really suffered through the losses and simply got fed up with quarterbacks who could not deliver the ball. His problems began, presumably, when he started to show his frustration on the field. But who among us wasn’t also frustrated with McManus or Maas? Not everyone has the patience of Richie Williams.

Yeast is a bum. Where is he now? Sitting on the side of the road looking through his blackened visor.

Actually he had made the Riders roster as a fifth receiver but wanted more so he asked for his release. He is now working at a degree. He is still better than ALL of the receivers on the team right now so how everyone is beaking him is beyond me.

How do you know he was running the rong routes? have you ever thought maby it was the qb doing the wrong thing.

Ans he was pick up by another team. I dont know how though lancaster f**ked over his career when he cut him on the sidelines. Come on how unprefessional is that no class.

Man your a joke. your post dossnt even make sence what does his visor have anything to do with his career?

He actually cut him in the locker room right after the game not on the sidelines. And talking about lack of class from Lancaster when referring to Yeast is laughable.

and how is that laughable

Craig didnt strike me as the classiest or most professional player around.

And how do you measure class? Because you have no clue what going on in the locker room and on the field. But if you ever talked to him off the field he was the nicest and classiest person.

Craig Yeast was a great receiver when he could catch the ball five yards from the nearest defender. Any closer and half the time he didn't even make an attempt to catch the ball. When he ran back kicks, he did break the odd one, but four out of five returns he lost five yards or better trying to bend out and around. He was an East-West runner in a North-South League. Add to that his complete lack of team spirit (me, me, me) and this is not the man you want on your team. If you think he is a great receiver, you should absolutely love Ralph.

I actually DID have the chance to spend some time with Craig and met his family, hes a great father and a nice person... that doesn't make him a classy PLAYER, Big difference.

SO how do you messure class then?