Craig Yeast

No ones been talking about Craig but I looked at his numbers just now, 60+ receptions for over 1000 yards and 8 touchdowns??? how come I havn't heard of this guy and how come we have the entire 2006 Hamelton T-Cats receiver line up haha. The Riders have I think 11 receivers to chose from next year and they are all very good, with names like Matt Dominguez, Jason Armstead, Andy Fantuz, D.J. Flick, Craig Yeast, Corey Grant and as for Kahlil Hill, I can't find any stats for this guy except for 2 punt returns for the Jaguars??? wow, already then, lets count out Hill in the starting lineup. So our receivers that should not make the team look like Hill, and Grant so far.

hill is going to be quite versatile and i think he might crack the roster, and i don't just mean the practice roster!

Personally, I think Hill might be the best of the new guys. Craig Yeast is cannon fodder, Flick--talent, but lazy.
Grant is a Canadian, so while I think he is a waste, it is irrelevant how many imports come to camp.
Look for one of the "Tillman Trio", Yeast, Murphy, and Flick" to get a good look and one will start. But if Austin is the no holds barred guy he is portrayed as, Hill might start by week 4 or 5.

Where the heck do you come off with saying that Flick is lazy !!! Have you first hand knowledge of that or are you just blowing smoke. Seems that you state something as fact when it is my bet that you have little to no proof of that stupid statement. His work ethic is among the highest in the League and you can ask any of his teammates of that.

Khalil Hill is very fast with a good set of hands. I think he will definitely have a shot at the receiver position and may be our starting returner. As for Yeast, the guy can play. If he gives it 100% he will have a good shot at making this team.

But how can you tell this guy is good, he aonly had 200 some receptions a year ago and I definently wouldn't go and say he's better than D.J. Flick, Flick didn't have a good year last year but if he can get back on track this year and beat out Armstead for that 2nd wide receiver spot he should have another 1000 yard season, if not Armstead needs to pick it up.

I'm assuming you meant he had 200 yards, so which guy are you referring to, Hill or Yeast?

I know Yeast is good because he had back to back 1,000 yard seasons before he was released by Hamilton, and Hill looked steady in the games he did play. He is very fast and knows how to catch the football (which is why he was attracting interest down south for the past couple years).
On that point you made about neither of them being better than Flick, I agree. However, both of them have a shot at making the team as the number 5 or 6 receiver, it all depends how they show at training camp.

It will be an interesting competition to follow, that's for sure.

Much may depend on how much of a disciplinarian Kent Austin turns out to be as a head coach; Yeast and Khalil Hill have had discipline issues in the past, so if Austin decides to be a strict disciplinarian, those 2 may be the first out the door.

With 11 receivers already coming to camp, I guess we can put the idea of trading for Clermont on the backburner for now?

i think yeast is a proven starter and as for armstead picking it up he didn't many catches so of course his numbers wasn't as good

I have the feeling that Grant will be on the team as a back up to Fantuz. He has a lot of potential as a game-breaker. He just needs to work on his concentration for the dropped balls.

i dont know what team u guys watched last year but i dont think worryin about recievers is the answer. cuz if u guys had been watching u would know that what we need is a qb. i dont think kj could hit the broad side of barn with a beach ball. i say we start him at db and start lookin for a qb? just look at the numbers we had when buris was the pivit its a telling sign. we get a good qb we get a good offence and nothing against joseph hes got a rocket for an arm but he over throws everyone by 2 steps.

I have 4 words for you, my newbie friend.

Are you on crack?

That is absolutely crazy. Having him as a safety (which he hasn't played in years, and I am sure he wouldn't agree to it) would force us to cut his salary again because $225,000 is way too much to pay for a defensive back. Plus, we could not afford another starting quarterback and to tell you the truth there aren't any CFL free agents out there who would be any better than him.

The fact is, that idea is downright insane and I cannot see it happening.

I certainly understand why you might have concerns regarding Joesph. But I agree that he’s our man! I think Joesph will stay healthy this year and have a much better season. Let’s not forget he never got the starts vs Hamilton. I’m impressed by the number of TD’s he threw last season. I think he’s gonna be alot better. I predict a 4000+ yards passing and 1000+ rushing outta Joesph. I don’t think that’s “going out on a limb” either.

Let’s just hope our new guys on the O-line can keep him well protected, healthy, and comfortable.

I guess Yeast wasn't in the team's plans after all! It would bite to be cut so close to training camp.

Well, we could see if Taman is willing to do a trade-- Yeast and Grant to the Bombers for Davin Bush… :lol: :lol:

depending on the ratio and injuries i think the rec. corps will be domingeuz, flick, armstead, merphy and funtuz. joseph was doing a real good job before he got injured. his td-int ratio was up there with dickenson wasnt it? if joseph stays healthy i think sask will have a very effective passing game. especially if austin can do what he did for damon for joseph.

do u guys still have dorsey? what are the plans with him? sounds like u have three excellent returners with dorsey hill and armstead. i dont think would be a bad idea to have him fight it out with bracey for RB since kieth is gone if those arnt already the plans

Dorsey is a very good returner, but he has to learn to hold onto the ball without dropping it when he isnt even touched. I can still think of 3 or 4 instances where he just dropped the ball while running.

Dorsey had a couple of shaky outings last year, but still has the potential to be a fine return guy, and a capable back.
Again, he might be expendable though, if Hill and Armstead, both receivers, can return, as we may not carry as many backs on the roster.
That should be one of the more interesting battles at training camp.

Dorsey isnt going anywhere... At least not until KK comes back, if he does at which point it will be too late anyways. I think Dorsey stays a Rider for 07.