Craig Yeast to sign...

Rumour is Yeast to sign with Saskatchewan or BC.

Wally and Ron get along, if Ron thought he has an attitude problem perhaps Wally will agree.

Then again we signed Sam Young so im not sure what happened there.

I hope Craig does well somewhere else for him and his family's sake, cant say as a football fan im disappointed though.

uhh wears the proof of this you didnt post a link or anything

I wish he'd sign with Toronto.

Also, I noticed today that Toronto signed some other receiver. I guess they're not interested in Yeast.

I think the key word there was RUMOUR

In the mind… those were the two teams I was thinking, Edmonton maybe. Wherever he goes please come back and bite Lancaster in the butt.

How many teams are going to disrupt their chemistry and bring in an American receiver not good enough to start for a 1-6 team with a potential attitude problem?

Its not like we cut Corey Holmes, i wouldnt be surprised if he didnt get picked up.

The only reason (I believe) they cut Yeast was to send a message to players to play their butts off or they will be cut. Why else would Lancaster pull a retarded move by any standards and cut a player on the way to the dressing room, that has to be the least classy thing I've ever seen.

I couldn't agree more. It's not like he was an all-star playing on a Cup winner. The only way he'll be picked up is if someone had injury problems. Otherwise, I think he'd be lucky to be invited to someone's preseason camp for 2007.

An Argo fan

I say who cares.

I care.

Perhaps that's because other teams' cast-offs are good enough to start for Hamilton.

Other than Holmes, all the players we traded for were not considered good enough to start for their old teams, or were no longer part of the plans. Yet they are now our bright spots on the field.

Somewhere in the Area League..

Good one Onknight. :thup:

How did I know this thread's title was bogus
before I read the first post in it?

Craig, you were hung by your tongue.

yep i can tell ya have nothing better to do with your life.

but ya i really hope he goes to one of those teams for two reasons. first they both still have to play us twice so he can make lancaster look like an idiot. Second i have alaways wanted one of those bright orange lions jerseys n now i can get one with yeast on the back

the argos signed shockmain davis yesterday just after the bombers released him

i think that yeast will go to the riders so he can take jamal richardson's spot

i say he'll return to where he played before he came here: lexington horsemen of the nifl, now of the aifl (i think, they change around so much, you know ...)
if we couldn't even deal him for future considerations, do you think anyone is going to pick him up in the cfl? unlikely.

They new he would eventuallly be worth less. Note the space between the words worth and less.

My friend's father inlaw lives near Craig Yeast and he talked to him over the weekend. He says that he does not have a bad attitude and they cut him because they have to put the blame on someone. He also said he has been contacted by Winnepeg and he expects to be playing for them.

it wouldnt suprize me if they picked him up. and i think he will be picked up before the weekend