Craig Smiths Blog

Craig Smith:

I promise one thing. As long as I have breath in my lungs I will work hard to get another opportunity to sip from the Grey Cup once again. I am excited for the 2007 season. I see many good things happening. Jump on the wagon and let’s go to Toronto in November. Down the QEW in November!
Im sure alot of people would dismiss this statement as 'ya right' but its not too often you get to read about all the hard work the team has put together on the scouting side for the upcoming year.

Hard work ... I think not ... all Smith talked about is the people he rubbed shoulders with, the weather, the traffic and the cuisine.

Not much substance to any of the blogs ... no mention of potential prospects.

My response ... whatever.

What would you expected him to say? Name names of players he liked. Ya thats really smart scouting. Glad you arent scouting for the team. Pssss the players are suppose to be secrets!

I agree. I think it is great that the TiCats allow Craig to give us some insight into his job, experiences and how he is trying to help return the team to glory again. I appreciate he cannot give away all of his secrets but what he gives us is a lot more than what any other professional team in any other major North American sport provides their fans.

I for one look forward to Craig's blogs from his next scouting trip as I do enjoy reading them. Hopefully for his sake that will not be for a few months.

I love Craig Smith's Blogs.He has a very easy writing style. It is nice to hear about the behind the scenes work that the scouting staff does.Keep on writing Craig!
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7)

This guy should have been one of the first firings this off season. ......since he's been here what has he done? I'm tired of reading bout his paid vacations. Who are the blue chippers he's brought in? The diamonds in the rough he's found. The list is few and far between.

Thats why he is the scout and your the bellyacker ...
give it up. Patience is a virtue.

Have you considered our draft picks from last year? I think not. One of the realities of the CFL draft is you need to pick people with a year of eligibility left to get them before they get good. Let's analyze last years draft:

Round 1: Cedric Marcoux-Gagne - has a good chance of being an NFL draft pick this year. That's how much this kid improved.
Round 2: Jermaine Reid - didn't have a spectacular senior year at Akron, but will get NFL training camp invites. Is a Jason Taylor type of end who could excel in the CFL.
Round 2: Peter Dyakowski - NFL size and had a great major bowl game. Might get drafted. Probably ends up anchoring our left side for the next 10 years.
Round 4: Chris Sutherland - had a great year while winning the Vanier Cup with Saskatchewan
Round 5: Michael Roberts - After practicing against Tedd Ginn Jr for 3 years at Ohio State, transferred to another school to get more playing time

Poor draft year if you consider what it did for us in 06. Fantastic draft year if you look at the "blue chip" prospects that are coming to camp this year.

Sorry, Smith is doing a great job and I am glad he is still around.