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Great first blog! Thanks for all of the insight as well. Looking forward to more updates and hopefully the discovery of a few good players for out Tiger-Cats as well.

same here.

Start Richie Williams next year...

So that was you??? :wink:

Great stuff. With Katz out of the picture maybe the team will start to sign more of Craig's recommendations.

Here's hoping that lessons have been learned.

It great to see Craigs Blog again

Mr. Smith seems like a very nice, friendly man, and his blogs are fun for us fans to read. He really has a neat job. I'm glad to see him writing them again.


Mr. Smith,

Please uncover the following "diamonds in the rough" for the 2007 season:
-a kick returner to compete with Fowlkes
-at least two deep threat receivers to compete with each other
-two mobile, strong-armed college QB's to compete with Maas and Williams (I'm praying Eakin doesn't come back)
-a widebody, run-stoppping "Sam Adams" type to start at DT


-Good work signing Setta (our next Ruoff) as well as Moreno and Nattiel (our next Zambiazi and Priestner). I think these players will make a real impact next season.

Don't you think Little Early to starting talking about these people.
Let them win a Job 1st ..Then Will see how good they are..

You must love to travel, to be on the road in a vehicle trying to find the next young star of the CFL.
[b]I'm jealous![/b]
During my first week of travel I have completed an interesting trifecta that not many people can say they have experienced. I am not sure many would want to experience this, except for a guy like myself who loves this game and gets paid to do so.
Getting paid to travel and go to football games.

I want that that job!

Craig Smith's updated blog today was an enjoyable read. Two additional bits of information would have made the report even better. Cedric Gagne-Marcoux, a 2006 Ticat draft choice who just completed his senior year as the starting centre at Central Florida, and J.P. Bekasiak, a huge Canadian defensive tackle in his senior year at Toledo, were invited to play in the Magnolia Gridiron Classic. It would be appreciated if Mr. Smith could add a sentence or two to his blog to let us know whether Gagne-Marcoux and Bekasiak played in that all-star game and, if so, how they played.

It still a Great Read
I look Forward to his Blogs

Downtime in San Padre Island? I have a buddy down in Edinburg, TX and he visits San Padre often. Let me just say that Craig Smith knows how to relax.

An Argo fan

Hi Craig!...Hi Cathy!.....any "Looney Lizards" down there?... :wink:

Happy New Years to you both! (Great Blogging!)

C'ya soon!....bring back booze! :cowboy: